Friend is like safe harbour in storms of life.

My friend made phone call to me, when I was at work. I couldn’t talk to much, because kids could kill each other, when I was not watching them. Today again they were in mood for arguing from every silly reason. But my friend needed to talk, so I tried to cheer her up.

She was a bit depressed, because things at work didn’t go perfect. Somebody disappointed her. Besides she was accused for things not being her fault. Nobody likes it.

She is calling me often, when things at her work are going not well, and when she needs to talk.

She is making some cakes today for somebody’s wedding. One is with vodka. She was kidding, that she will buy a bottle, and she will add to cake a bit of vodka, and drink the rest.
I told her, that she shouldn’t stress her self with silly things. That maybe in her eyes absence of mineral water on tables and similar things could seem a big problem, but most of the people didn’t notice anything.

She felt better after talking with me… and all kids were alive, when I finished talking with her 🙂

It’s good to have friends, who have a time and will to talk with us, when we need them. Who care for us always.

Real friend is real treasure… and it’s not only popular sentence, but the truest truth.


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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