Daily Archives: May 8, 2011


I had some problem with previous post. Mean “strength in weakness”. I placed it in “blondie’s diaries” and wrote it in pink. But when I read it after hours, I realised, that “blondie’s diaries” I made for fun, but my words about emancipation and being woman were serious. So I decided to change categories and colour of font.

Regarding emancipation, I give my self right for being weak, and to depend on a man… but with keeping autonomy.


Strenght in weakness.

Emancipation is killing many pleasures… I like receiving flowers, and poems. I like being adored.  I like feeling like a woman. I don’t wanna be a man in skirt.

I don’t want to nail, and to repair house or car. I didn’t say, that I can’t. I just prefer to men do it for me.  Besides, they are so much proud, when they can help weak woman. It’s real pleasure watching them at work then. Sometimes their trials are so funny, but they look really sweet when they can feel helpful .

In emancipation I like possibility of doing almost all, what men can do. But it shouldn’t be an order, but only possibility. Freedom means being free in decisions. And I decide to be weak woman, who prefers to ask man for help, instead of doing all hard work by myself. I chose being a woman under man’s protection and care. I’ll be strong, but when it’ll be really necessary.

Intelligent people are trying to learn everything and to do all by them selves. Wise ones ask for help better than them 😉