Daily Archives: May 9, 2011

Little angels – you are not alone

Angels can’t take sometimes unexpected outlook. We are waiting for some cute blonde with wings, but they can be really difficult for recognising sometimes.

I like a lot pictures of little angels. But if you know me, you already noticed that 😉

I am collecting pictures of angels. I have a big collection of them on my pc. Maybe my passion  started, when a couple of years ago some little girl from my group made some cute drawing for me.

Her father made a suicide. But she tried to be strong being only 9 years old. She told me, that she likes a lot drawing angels and making gifts from them to people, whom she likes.

I have an angel, gift from that little girl, till now on my wall. It’ll be about 4 – 5 years. Over it is some other angel. Silver & white one from porcelain (china).

I belive in existence of angels. I felt protection of my Guardian Angel not once in my life.

The most funny, and the most surprising shape of angel I saw about 10 years ago. I was coming back home from some course. It was probably 5 days lasting – therapeutic skills. Or something else. But it was really difficult to pass through. We were working over deep hidden emotions. And we all felt exhausted after all.

I was strong as long as my friends from course were close. But when I stepped into the train, I lost control over all, what I closed inside me. And I couldn’t stop crying.

I noticed the presence of 3 young boys in almost empty train. They looked a bit scary. Especially one of them. He had glasses, but broken, and repaired not much professional. Under one eye he had violet bruise, and collar with nails on his neck.

I was afraid, that they can attack me or something, because I heard about such things. So when 3rd time they came along my place, in almost empty train, I was in real fear… but boy with broken glasses, bruise under the eye, and collar on the neck, smiled very nicely to me, and asked me some question about train. When it will go to some place. Or something like this. I answered, and we were talking a bit… and soon I realised, that my depression disappeared somewhere.

After some time I realised, that maybe me, with red from tears eyes, I didn’t look less strange, than my “angel” 🙂

Angels are taking different shapes. But they are always coming to us when we really need them. To cheer us up. So remember – you are not alone. There is always somebody who can hear us, and cheer us up. But sometimes we are too blind to see them. Especially, when we expect to see blonde persons in white clothes 😉 Oh, I forgot about wings 🙂


I am me – farewell blondie.

And again somebody helped me to realise, that I should be always myself. That always, when I’m trying to play, who I’m not, I sound silly.

I am Sabina. Wise, intelligent, nice and honest person. And I hate every kind of false.

I am not any blondie, who can plan hunting a man.  But I know many of them.   “blondie’s diaries” were a fun from them. But making fun from people is not in my style. And I don’t like people, who are making fun from others. It’s so mean.

So – farewell blondie 🙂  I prefer to be dull, but myself 🙂