Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Fear of freedom

We are losing many chances in life from fear, that we can lose something, what we have. Even if in real it’s not very valuable. We are not able to see, how many possibilities we are losing from fear of change.

When I was a kid, and since many years later, I felt a fear of hight. I couldn’t climb on anything to not feel dizzy. It was strange, but I liked alot mountains, and often I was going there. I didn’t feel fear of hight there.

I remember one trip to the highest mountains in my country. We were going by bus on hight pass, and clouds were down. We could feel like flying over clouds. Who saw although once such view, knows what I’m talking about. So so beautiful view, and amazing feeling being over clouds and seeing tops of mountains arround. Maybe flying by plain is similar, but for sure not the same.

In life we have also fear of hight. We are often chosing safe place in the middle. We are afraid of risk, and going higher. We are afraid of breaking rules, comfortable habits. We are afraid of unknown.

We are living in society. Sometime we are even like slaves for it. We are afraid of doing anything against its rules. And we are suffering, when we are resigning from something very important for us from fear of breaking rules of society, and being punished then with excluding from it.  We are afraid of being free. We are afraid of self freedom, because its equal with taking bigger responsibility for our life.

Society can be cruel, and punish badly a person who dared to break its rules. It’s not easy to go against it.  It needs sometime very big inner power. But you remember English prince, who resigned from being a king because of love for some american woman? After him, none rules should seem  impossible to break.