Daily Archives: May 12, 2011

Ridders on the storm

Title of the famous song of The Doors inspired me to write this post. Or maybe what happened today reminded me this great song. It doesn’t matter. Just, what happened to me today, was very impressive.

I went to work by bicycle. 2 kilometres only, so it was a nice trip. Sun was touching my face, and there was pleasant wind. Giving fresh touch, and not disturbing.

A while before I had to go back home, I heard noisy thunders. And I could see flashes of lightness. Storm was coming. I decided to go home, believing, that this time also God will protect me.

I was bicycling hearing thunders after my back. Wind became stronger. Flashes of lightness were appearing more often. But even one drop of the rain didn’t touch me. I felt few of them only, when I was at door.

It was really amazing! How I could stop believing in God’s protection and care? How I could stop believing in his existence?

I believe, that he sees all, although we can’t see him. I believe, that he listen to us, and he is giving us answers for our prayers.

Sometimes, we can’t understand his ways, but he loves us, and all, what happens, happens from some reason. And all bad will turn finally into something good for us.