Love is passing away… but pain is endless.

I like this poem, and it could be mine… because my smile is often only a mask, which is covering pain inside. And when I’m alone, I’m crying in silence.


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special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. Wind's wispers

    Smiles and tears are the offsprings of LOVE,but Love was hiding that truth from everyone for million light years till one day that hidden secret was unveiled by a wicked elf.Yep LOVE was a woman .I will tell you her story =)
    Once upon a time ,in the kingdom of clouds lived a princess called LOVE.One day while she was by the …..
    okay ,may be another time I will finish the story =)

  2. Wind's wispers

    ah! I’m the author of that story =)

  3. Wind's wispers

    Once upon a time in the kingdom of clouds ,lived a princess called LOVE.LOVE was not her name,it was a spell that the elves of the court cast on her to protect her from the eye of evil because shewas so gorgeous that they couldn’t find her a royal name that fit her perfectly and in the Kingdom of clouds it was a misfortune when the name would be out of tune with its bearer .One day when princess was taking her morning bath by the River of beauty ,she dropped her pearl comb the only thing she had from her dying mother in the water .LOVE tried to catch it ,but she slept and fell in the river. The SUMMER BREEZE that was playing with her friend the oak nearby was watching, but she couldn’t do anything to help the drawing princess grasping for air ,because it was so little. The oak took out some of her leaves ,scratched on them sings of help and asked her friend to fly them up in the hope that someone would find them and came to the rescue of the princess.The summer breeze started blowing and blowing ,but her blows were so gentle to be noticed……. to be continuied)

  4. hm… it started tragically.

  5. Right! But I still hope, that your story will get happy end.

  6. Wind's wispers

    You know Sabina I would reverse the words in your article heading, I would prefer “LOVE IS ENDLESS BUT PAIN PASSES AWAY” =) Do you know why ?

    • Becouse love lasts longer, than pain? Even longer than life?

      • Wind's wispers

        Just kidding =) no one is going to lose his head promise=)

      • Wind's wispers

        Yes ,Love love last longer.
        I believe that Love never dies ,it just moves home ,to a safer,stronger home that would stand against storms.And pain ,is nothing but homesickness that would soon disappear once we are used to the new house. =)

    • Wind's wispers

      Okay your highness, I hate orders but I will make the story ends happily ,for example I will make the king only behead the hero,instead of burning him alive ,at least the princess can burry him.See it’s a happy ending =)

  7. thanks for the promiss 😉

  8. I’m terrible sleepy. Good night Sihem 🙂

  9. Wind's wispers


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