Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

Something energetic – Friday I’m in love

Sometimes I feel like numb. I have no power for doing anything. Even for thinking about doing anything.

Sometimes I need relax for a while, and then I can work. Sometimes I need something energetic to regain power. I’m not talking about energetic drinks, although it’s also not bad. I’m talking rather about energetic music. It’ll be good if it’s not too intelectual. The best is music full of spirit of joy. Music which can tie to our ear easily. Without very complicated text. Song I post today is this kind of music.

Today I had some presentation. I was worry since some time, how it’ll be.  I knew, that I had to prepare it well, because I expected criticism. At morning I was hearing this song, and I got positive energy… and I passed my presentation well. I hope so 😉

The Cure is not known from optimistic songs. But this one is really cool. It’s  something energetic for the beginning of new week.  Enjoy it!