The best diet ever

Actually I didn’t have an idea, what to write about. But I ate tasty dinner, and I felt so full, that I decided to write about diet.

The best diet, what I heard about, is eating less. There is no better. Sometimes even small reducing large of meals is enough to lose weight. It wont be spectacular. You wont lose many kilos very fast, but it’ll be for sure more healthy for your body. And also for psychic, because you wont live in stress all the time, that you have to count calories etc.

You can reduce large of meals, and you wont feel hungry.  But instead of 3 big meals, eat 5 but smaller. Of course you have to reduce sweets or even eliminate fast foods, but you wont feel hungry, because you can eat other things.  It’s easier, when you like vegetables, and fruit. Eating them you wont get weight.

Healthy diet doesn’t mean that you can’t eat ever your favourite chocolates or ice cream. Just don’t eat it to often, and reduce portions.

I made mistake today, because I ate too much. If you care for your weight, and health at all, every time, when you’ll finish a meal, you’ll have to feel, that there is still some place in your stomach for something else. Don’t repeat my mistake. Maybe you wont lose many kilos in short time, but for sure, you’ll feel more healthy, and you will be in better condition.

Oh, I forgot about something. Don’t sit in front of pc or tv 24/7. Move up!  Enjoy the spring and the beginning of summer. 🙂


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  1. Wind's wispers

    Yellow daisy flower! wow!I love the picture good choice ! have you ever walked among yelow daisy flower?

  2. I’ve never tasted them 🙂

  3. I like alot confiture from petals of wild rose 🙂

  4. Spells? I didn’t hear about it. hm
    Have a good night Sihem 🙂

    • Wind's wispers

      yep Sabina spells 🙂

      • I know nothing about magic spells 🙂 For example I prefere to get love honest way. Only this way love can be true.

      • Wind's wispers

        We don’t get love ,we work for it,we invade it like a territory like in war and all is fair in war in love 🙂 .As i told you earlier heart is not naive.Magic spells and black magic are mentioned in quoran,they’re real ,they’re not the spin of a story teller,and in Quoran , Allah taught us how to protect ourselves against it.

  5. You know my opinion. Nothing can justify hurting others. No metter reasons.
    Yes, I heard about spells, and black magic, and I believe, that it exists. Somebody even tried it on me. But I can handle it. I have great protectors.

    • Wind's wispers

      I’m not an angel, so i won’t pretend to be one ,eye for eye,tooth for tooth.I’m an arrow ,i can’t help it.
      umm…handle it how?You’e not a muslim,there is only one way to face spells,and it’s in Quoran.

  6. As I know, bad spells can work, when people are affraid of them, and they don’t trust in God. I trust, and I’m not affraid. When somebody was trying woodoo with me, I was laughing only, and it passed away. That evil person was calling me witch, believing, that it was magic, what protected me, but it was trust in God.
    Forget about revenge. It’s not good. Forgive your enemies. Mostly they are unhappy people, so better pray for them, to God make them better persons.
    Nobody is an angel. We all are imperfect.

    • Wind's wispers

      I was talking in general,not about me,I love being human,I won’t be able to have facebook account and meet amazing people if I was an angel 🙂 I just hate to pretend that im the innocent cat whose food was stolen by a bully cat :)I won’t let anyone steal my food .Forgiveness,yep,that what I was talking about when you waged that war against that old woman ,I see you ‘re a fast learner Sabina.”no one is perfect” our prophet Muhammed was perfect 🙂 so i must say no is perfect but Prophet Muhammed peace upon him. 🙂 Have a gooood night beautiful.

  7. Thanks for making me smiling 🙂 Nobody wont still my food… if it’s really mine.
    Good night beautiful 🙂

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