What is love…

Love is a different thing for different people. For me love isn’t for sure a war or battle to win. Love isn’t also a game to play or spectacle for publicity.

Love can make our life worth living. It can kill us also, when it’s too much destructive. Love is – giving somebody power to destroy you, but trusting, that he/she will never do that.

I loved once so much, that it almost killed me. I know pain of broken heart. It’s real physical pain. So big, that the only thought you have is to break it.  Even if it’s equal with death. I’m still alive, because I love life too much. And probably because God decided, that it wasn’t my time.

Yes, love can kill, but it’s making our life worth living too.  Love is making our senses more sensible. We can see things, which we didn’t even notice before. We can smell new fragrances. We can hear music everywhere, and in everything.

My heart was broken, and I almost died, but I’ve never regretted that I loved so much. Before I even didn’t suspect, that I am able to so deep, so unconditional love. That knowledge is precious.


There is no proper age for loving someone, there is no proper time or circumstances. So stop thinking, and analysing, what’s proper or what’s not. Only then you will be able for real love. So what, that it can hurt? Real feeling is worth real pain.


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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