Miracle of love

Little kids are honest in feelings and emotions. They are trustful and open.  When they are happy, everybody can see it, when they are sad, sadness is real. Even if it is sadness from silly for us reasons. With age we are losing those abilities. We are afraid of showing real feelings, and real emotions.  We are hiding behind many masks. From fear of being hurt.

Today I was smiling again in work. Kids are so so sweet. They are fighting with each other, and after a while they are playing together. They are so funny sometimes. Their logic can kill us adult people. I’m enjoying their love, their trust, and their happy faces. I’m holding them tightly, when they are crying, and after a while they are smiling again. It’s like miracle. Miracle of love. I really love kids 🙂

When I started my work almost 11 years ago, I didn’t like it. I decided to take it, because some woman, who I respected alot, convinced me for taking this job. And after years I’m thankful her for all. She opened for me new area full of small miracles.

You don’t believe in miracles? Hold tightly crying child, dry their tears gently, and you will see miracle after a while. Miracle of love.


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  1. If only more people understood that we should all be as little children the World would be what it could be.

  2. Sometimes it’s even more than a miracle! 🙂

  3. Enthuziasm – God within -_0

  4. I am so happy that you reposted this Sabina, for I didnt read it back then Its amazing isnt it how we are guided to the jobs we think we may not like.. for me it was the same.. after many years in the textile trade And after most of our productions went overseas. I listened to a friend whose daughter had secured a job in Support work.. And I havent looked back since and that is 9 yrs now.. It has it challenges.. But the rewards are so worth it..
    Love and Blessings to you Sabina.. xx ~Sue

    • Yes, it’s amazing.
      I’m used, that kids are crying and need hugs. It can cure many things because it’s giving big portion of positive energy. Today something funny happened. Girl started crying. I thought, that she hurted her knee… but she said, that she had new shirt, and it’s dirty. It was funny for me, but tragedy for her, so I said, that it was only dust, and nothing happened to her shirt, and it still looked like new, so she stopped crying. 🙂

      It’s important to like our jobs. It’s much more important, than money.

      Love and blessings to you Sue. 🙂

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