Lttle evil angels – power of wise love

I love children, and I like working with them. Especially with kids about whom others say, that they are evil, bad, and lost for the world.

There is in one of my groups 5 years old girl. I shouldn’t let her coming, because I work with elder kids, but she needed so much some positive model of adult people, that I let her to be in my class.

That little girl, Klaudia, is like little devil. She is fighting with elder kids, she is using vulgar language. But not in my presence. In my presence she is not different from other kids. Especially that I work with kids from pathological families, and they all are naughty, and hyperactive.

When I started going to her village, she was 4 years old. She was always naughty and dirty. Mean her clothes, hands, and face were always dirty. When I let her to be  in my class, she changed. She is coming in new clothes taken on by herself. When her hands and face are dirty she is going to toilet to wash them. It’s funny, because she is washing only the part in front of face, but parts close to ears and under chin are still dirty 🙂 Her 2 years older brother is similar to her. Also little “devil”.

Children from that group were angry with me, that I let Klaudia and Mateusz to be in their group. They are asking me often: “Why do you defend them always miss Sabina?” I’m answering mostly: “because nobody else does”.

When children are hearing always, that they are bad, evil, and with no any value, they even don’t try to be better. For what, if nobody wants to see anything good in them?

Children need wise love. Warmth, understanding, but also some rules, and consequence in respecting such rules. We can’t change them every day. Especially under children pressure. Kids need something constant in their life. They will cry hearing “no” again and again, but then they mostly accept fact, that they can’t have all, what they want. They are demanding new toy, and we are buying it… and soon they want another one. In real they need our attention, our time, and our love much more than new toy.

Wise love doesn’t mean, that we should make every dream of our children come true. It means, that we should lead them wisely to adult life. After years they’ll forget all toys, even the best ones, but they will remember our hugs, our smiles, our stories. Even if they forget words, and situations, they will remember always, how we made them feel.


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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