Our destiny – we can know it the best in extreme situations

My friend inspired me for writing this article. She told me some story. About fire, which burnt all her house. The only thing, which she saved was album with pictures. From unknown reasons 1st thought about what to save from fire was that album.

Mostly when we think, what we would like to safe in a case of fire, there are different things. Documents, money, expensive things, clothes. But in extreme situations we behave instinctively. There is no time for thinking.

I remember some extreme situation from my childhood. I was about 10. I was playing with my younger brothers, and some boy from neighbourhood. There was a big hole in the ground. Full of dark water. We came close to see, what was there. The ground close to hole was slippery. Boy from neighbourhood suddenly dropped to that hole. It was cold autumn. We all had warm wool  jackets with hoods. It was good in that case.

My brothers, like paralysed, were watching a boy, who was drowned. They couldn’t move or even scream. I ordered them like officer from army – “Catch me from back, and keep me strongly!” They listen to my order. I caught fast that boy’s hood of jacket. I ordered my brothers – “Now drag me back as strong as you can!” Soon boy, all wet and almost dead from fear, was on the ground. My brothers still couldn’t say anything. I took that boy to his house. His mother was in shock, when I told her, that her son was almost drowned.

Mostly I am calm and quiet person. I don’t seem to be a type of strong leader. Maybe because that my ability was reduced by orthodox father. I was a girl, so I should be quiet and polite. Leadership was for boys. But that extreme situation showed, that I was much more predestined for leadership, than my brothers. I kept cold blood in danger, and I saved that boy’s life. But I didn’t feel like hero. Even now I don’t think about it like that. It was normal behaviour for me.

It’s sad, when parents are not able to see clear their kids abilities. That they are forcing them to be, what they want them to be, not for what they are predestined. It can break their kids life. Wise parents should give a lot of time for their kids, trying to recognise, what will be the best for their children. What will make them happy in life. Their kids, not themselves.


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special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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