Hot temperamental girl or cold blooded machine?

People say, that I am to emotional. And probably they are right. hehe. But I can keep cold blood when circumstances need it. For example, when my or somebody’s life is in danger. Then I’m working fast and precisely like the best machine. I wrote about it in my article “Our destiny – we can know it the best in extreme situations”. Alas in feelings I can’t be cold-blooded at all. But it’s really “alas”?

What about you? How do you mostly react? Like a tornado or like an iceberg? I think, that people, who can keep their nerves calm, can get more in life. They are better strategists. They can plan and take step by step their goals. But their life is somehow poor. They are functioning like robots. At least feelings and emotions are making us humans. 

I think, that the best is ability of keeping balance between heart and mind. Between feeling and thinking. In work mostly mind is more important, but in relationships for sure feelings. I can’t imagine calculated marriage, without love. I know, that people are getting marry from many reasons. And not always they are feelings. Sometime business, sometime fear of being lonely. Sometime feeling can come with time. The same like feeling can go away in marriage gotten from love. Everything is possible.

Nobody can know better, what’s the best for us. Only we can know it.  Sometimes decisions are not easy, but we have to make them by our selves. because it’s our own life, and we will have to face consequences of every decision. Some people prefer to do, what others order them, and then to blame others, when things go wrong. I prefer to make my own decisions, and to take responsibility for my life. What about you?


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  1. good or bad but I make my own decisions-strictly. but my temperament is more volatile, inflammable, reactive. Im generally referred as a hyper person by many.

  2. depends which way energy is flowed, i hope to restrict it to positive stuff only.

    • It’s exactly, what we should to do. In the past I was becoming angry very easly, but with time I learned to use that energy for creating something, f.e. for drawing.
      It’s not good to keep emotions inside. Much betteir is to canalise them by doing something useful.

  3. I think it’s good you have a creative outlet for things. Very healthy. And self-awareness is oh so rare these days. No need to second-guess yourself for anything. Your life is yours alone. Screw everyone else (metaphorically).

    • You got the point 😉 I’m sanguine. Mean type of temperament. It’s the strongest one. I’m sometimes to emotional, but I’m getting up easily from every failure. I can even turn it into success. It’s very usefull ability 🙂
      By the way, you have “light” pen. You can be good writer.

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