Future belongs to these, who have a courage to fight for their dreams

Somebody said: “Future belongs to these, who have a courage to fight for their dreams”. I totally agree. We can’t sit and wait, what fate will bring for us. We have to stand up, work, and fight for our dreams.


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  1. Yes you are so right about
    this Sabina, and so I offer you this…


    Have a lovely rest of evening and a
    very happy Friday too my wonderful
    friend 🙂 Be very well now Sabina…

    Androgoth XXx

  2. See? What we need to see and read at just the right moment. This is excellent.

    • Some man was blaming God again, and again, that he didn’t listen to his prayers for winning big money in lotto. Finally God became angry. He said: ” You idiot! Did you ever buy a ticket? I gave you many chances. It’s not my fault, that you couldn’t use them”. So we can’t blame anybody, but our selves, that we don’t fight enought for our dreams. God is giving us many chances, it’s in our hands use them or not in proper time.

  3. LOL 🙂 I remember this story. I believe there is something bigger than all of us out there, and I talk to God/Universe and I also believe I get answers. I may not like them at the time because it’s not what I want to hear. However, I listen anyway. And ! He has a sense of humor too! LOL … I do blame those who do bad things because there are personal responsibilities of others who also have to be accountable. I don’t like the word blame overall however I know what you mean.

    • I know, what you mean, that not always you like answers. I have the same 🙂
      Yes, he has sense of humor. And we have to be careful with our wishes.
      For one it is God, for other fate, for another one subconsious mind. Whatever we call it, there is just “something bigger than all of us”.

      • Yes, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. I say “bring it” lets go… gloves off ! 🙂 I may not like it, this is true, however bring it. I want to learn and see …

        I think it’s a combination of many things I can’t explain specifically. There is something bigger than all of us and I think whatever that is puts people in our life for very specific reasons. Good, bad or indifferent. I have a very firm belief in connections with people. You can’t see those, but you feel them. Energy is a very interesting thing. Like Reiki is amazing and all those things… my chiropractor is very energy based. Which is excellent because when I tell her I sense things from someone, she gets it.

        It’s like when you speak to a stranger and they shift emotionally, you feel that, but most people assume it’s themselves, but that isn’t necessarily true. If they pay attention it’s the other person… unless it is you. In which case 🙂 I highly recommend that pause to see … what’s really going on. For whomever in that moment… all very interesting to me. : )

        • Yap, everything happens for a reason, although sometimes we can’t get what that reason is. The same people. They are appearing in our life from some reason. As you said, good or bad, doesn’t matter. We are learning whole life, and knowledge is our profit.
          I see, that we have similar ways of seeing things 🙂

  4. You know what I have found is that sometimes various things are presented to us which over time, begin to form together and in the middle of all of it, is what we are supposed to learn. One idea and situation bounces off of another and none of it makes any sense. It’s just stored and then one day (these to me are back burner things) it just hits you. What is is you are supposed to see. I had one of these, well I have many but most recently a combination of things hit me just the other day. I was like cool.

    The seemingly silliest thing I tried was a form of meditation. I can’t find the page again, so I don’t remember how to do it. You focused on your problem and u let go of the outcome. Meaning you’re open to what answer comes TO you. I thought, this is stupid but why not? The exercise was to teach you to learn to trust your intuition and listen to your internal voice. We all have one, we don’t listen to it because there are too many external influences. If this makes sense.

    Well, I did it for about 30 seconds. A BIG resounding “NO” came to my mind really loud. I was very taken back by this. And even though I agreed with the answer, I still fought it. I already knew though. But because I wanted to believe otherwise, I wouldn’t accept it. Now I have. Yes, we do seem to have similar beliefs. I’m enjoying our conversation. 🙂

    • I found another common thing. I also tried meditation. When I was full relaxed I saw pictures. I tried it a couple of times. Once I wanted to see “the man of my life”, my destiny. I saw him, but from back. But I know, who was he. The problem is, that my mind can’t accept it, because I’m to practical, to big realist. So maybe he is a man of my life, but we will never be together… just life.
      Once, when my friend was in hospital after accident, I saw, while meditating, some druid, man in hood. He was talking to me in some ancient language, but message was, that my friend was safe, and he will wake up soon. He regained concience almost in the same moment. I know, because I asked him about precise time, when it happened.
      Yeah, there are things bigger than us on this Earth, and beyond it.

      • What’s white meditation? I’m googling that … I wanted to learn it because they said it was soothing and that we have our answers inside our true self. Since I’d like to get to know me better, that’s what started it.

        I have dreams. I’ve had lots of them. If I wasn’t seeing something I should, I’d have a dream. Sometimes I’d have a dream about the future, and later I’d have the feeling of de ja vu and that would be the dream. Anyone I know who I was close to, who passed away, they’ve all come back with very specific messages. This spans from when I was younger approximately 12 years old up through to the present.

        Most recently the past year I started noticing different connections with people, emotionally. Which, as you’re saying the realist doesn’t buy it, but it was too real to ignore. Because I didn’t feel that way before and nothing in my immediate vicinity was causing me to feel any one particular way.

        It’s a little unnerving I think to assume that we know these things or that we don’t use our minds to their fullest capacity. I’m open to it, but not easily lead. I can go by my personal experiences though and I know it’s a possibility. Which is all very interesting.

  5. http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/library/meditation/l_white-light-meditation.htm

    Oh this is interesting. I also met a woman in a store and we were both looking for yoga mats. She was getting one and we ended up talking about yoga and meditation. I want to be calm on the inside. So she felt calm… to be around. Someone else once told me about 6 years ago that I had a good aura. I thought that was a little foo. I said, what color is it? She said white which is uhm, pure … (I forget exactly) and she described it.

    I like the idea of meditation, however at the same time my problem was if I had random dreams and things like that, what else would I open myself up to. But they also say you can deflect bad and negative energy from others if you practice it. Which, have you ever been around a person who as bad energy? ugh… gross.

    This type of thing makes people feel transparent. Not me, those around me. All very interesting things. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s interesting.
      I think, that when you meditate in your own house, far from others, you can’t take energy from others. But I’m not an expert.
      I believe in energetic vampires, who are taking energy from others. I met some.
      I met also on wordpress some psychic medium. Ooops, I checked her links, she is offering help, but for money.

      • I know you can send energy with Reiki healing skills. I have a friend or two who can do this, at least it sure felt this way when they did it for me. It was very interesting. I think you can absorb how someone else feels when there is a strong personal connection. Like sensing someone, before they call you, how they feel or those inklings you get… and you follow up on them? Only it’s different. Sure I’ve heard about energy vampires too, you leave them and you’re drained. uh huh. Of course she’s offering help for money 🙂 I’ll just google medititation and practice that. I just tried it after my shower. I need to practice more. Being centered is very appealing.

        • Meditation is giving relaxation. It’s good in difficult moments of life. To calm down, and to find the way out from troubles, to get an answer.
          I think, that answer is inside us always, but we can hear it only when we are calm, and concentrated on that one important thing. That’s why it’s coming through meditation.

        • Sure, makes sense … I agree.

    • Empathy is good, but it can be also dangerous. Many years ago, after my brother has accident, I asked God for giving me a part of his pain… and I felt big pain in my stomach. Some time later somebody told me, that if it was more serious accident, it would even kill me.

      • That’s interesting … maybe ask a different question next time? Like, ease my brother’s pain. Although I can see why you would have asked what you did… Really? Wow… that’s interesting.

        I had a dream where an ex was calling me, my clock said it was 5:30 a.m. in the dream. The next morning, my phone went off at 5:30 a.m. Neat stuff … Another time, I was in my kitchen, same guy and for like a second or two I saw … believe it or not, his room through my eyes. He looked at his calendar and saw it was my birthday. This was a year after we broke up. I came home that night and there was a message on my machine from him. I can’t make this stuff up, it just happens.

        • Oh and I agree, empathy can be dangerous because you feel what they feel. It comes out of no where and you have to figure out who it is, if you don’t already know. I had that happen to me last year and over the past 6 months too. I can’t explain it, I just know it wasn’t me because I didn’t feel that way prior and nothing was going on for me personally to feel like that in that moment either.

        • Really interesting things happened to you. Once I had a dream, that I was lieing under some metal construction, which fell on me, but I saw the light of the sun. Few days later metal constuction of some building was damaged, and building become ruin. There died many people… but much more surrvived. I experienced in my dream, what some other person experienced later. Maybe it happened to me becouse that building was close to my brother’s house…

        • you too so it seems! I had a dream that I was in a room full of women, I was standing in the front of the room and I couldn’t see their faces but there were square pillars across the front of the room. 2 year later I was working at DMV with a bunch of women. Across the front of the room there were computers the work came out of and the pillars running across the room were where all the wiring was stored. 🙂 Neat huh? LOL

          Outside of dream land, I had a conversation with someone via text a few months ago and I explained something to them. I wasn’t angry, I was doing something for the right reasons. They however, were very angry. I felt such rage and anger and I wasn’t angry to begin with. LOL So, I don’t negate anything anymore.

          I try to keep an open mind and realize that sometimes it’s not me. It’s just hard to see who it is. and I tell you something, today someone else I know, which apparently I now have a connection with (Oh goody it’s getting faster, great – light sarcasm there) They won’t get out of my head either. For two days now… I’m dying to tell them something but I don’t think it’s my place.

  6. Well, the heck with it. I told them anyway. Why not?

    • If they don’t want to disappear from your head, you should tell them.
      When we once open doors to subconsious mind, intuition, empathy, telepathy, it’s difficult to close them back… so we have to learn to live with our new abilities, and accept all, what comes that way. Althought sometimes it’s not much pleasant.

      • I actually did that. Felt really stupid, there was a meditation for that too. Yes, see, that’s what I’m talking about open the doors everyone gets in vs. the random things from people I was closest to in the past. Or the dreams or anything like that. They do have exercises through meditation.

  7. Yes. It seems to depend on what day it is too. I have a book called highly sensitive people and it describes empaths. It just doesn’t specify it.. if you read up on traumatic events, you’ll see the same or similar things there too with post traumatic syndromes. Very highly aware, feeling people … it all seems to mingle together. Except the dreams and the seeing something out of no where. That’s just not any of the others.

    • Trauma can also open channels to subconsious mind and make conections with unknown.
      I know, that there are things, which can’t be explained by logic or rational thinking. You said before, that human brain is using only small part of brain. It’s 3 – 5 %. Rest is still a mistery. In meditation we can use it more.
      Do you know “Power of subconsious mind” by Joseph Murphy? I tried it in real, and it really works.

  8. I believe it. Because I looked up hypervigilance the other day and all these things start mingling together, and it’s like whoa. I HAVE THAT BOOK! I never finished reading it… it’s similar I think to Psycho-cybernetics. Power of the mind and stuff.

    It’s interesting because we’re asking our minds to accept something that is seemingly so far fetched. yet there’s all this proof and so many variables. I have that book! What a coincidence! (or is it… LOL)

    • Some of my friends gave me that book. She convienced me, that it worked for her. She got the house, which she dreamed about, although they didn’t have much money, and then she got good and very well payed job.
      I tried methods described by Murphy, and my dreams also started coming true one by one. But for me it’s not only power of subconsious mind, but also faith in God.

      • It’s also about our focus too, definitely. Being clear and knowing what we want not just sitting and hoping it will come our way. All combined I believe it’s a good thing. I am not a religious person, although I have certain beliefs based on events that I cannot ignore, because they’re real and I have read and heard things that are amazing. I’m not all that fond of organized religion honestly. I don’t disrespect others beliefs, that’s fine. 🙂

        I do think, there’s something bigger than all of us and we’re all connected in some way… there’s too much proof of that. I’ll revisit the book. I never did finish it. Not because it was too fantastical for me, I think I probably got distracted by other things. 🙂

        • Ya, it’s about focus. When I didn’t precise with small details what I wished to get, I was getteing not exactly, what I wished.
          I am not religious that way as people here mostly are. I’m not going to churches, and priests are not authorities for me just for being them. They have to be really special to get my respect. I rather built my own religion. With temple in my heart. I think, that’s the best home for God. Mean our hearts.
          Don’t worry, that you didn’t finish that book. Me also 😉

  9. right, that’s what they say. You have to have clear cut focus as to what you want or you won’t get it. Which explains a lot of things to me. I’m so easily distracted by things and focus is hard. It’s exhausting there’s so many external distractions.

    I believe that too, in our heart.

    • The best is visualisation with small details, what we want to get, but not ways of getting. It’s job of subconsious mind to find the best way.
      Have a great Sunday 🙂

      • That’s what they say. And action too… we have to take action, it doesn’t just come to us, we have to do the work. I believe that completely. You have a very nice sunday too 🙂

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