Old time radio

I wanted to post this song yesterday, but I decided to wait a little. The same couple as yesterday – Lipnicka and Porter. Video not much optimistic on the beginning, but with happy end. Ooops! I said all 😉

I’m sorry in advance, if it will be unavailable in some countries.


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  1. I enjoyed this video

    Have a good weekend Sabina!

    Gary xox

  2. I can’t view this one either…. 😦
    Deb xx

    • I’m sorry 😦 My friend from USA googled previous song. I really don’t know, why it doesn’t work in USA…
      Have a wonderful weekend Debbie. Soon I’ll post something new. Probably some good quote.

  3. I like her style of singing my friend
    it reminds me of Medieval times 🙂
    He is much older than her I agree
    but this is of no consequence when
    love strikes the heart yearns for a
    lot more loving… I think that they
    have a special bond, one can see
    that in their eyes 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of Friday Sabina 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Andro, I agree, that age has nothing to do with real love 🙂 The same like other silly things. True love happens mostly once in life. If we let it go, we will regret till the end of our life.
      Yes, we can see love in their eyes 🙂

      Have a lovely rest of Friday Andro, and great weeked ahead 🙂

      By the way, I tried to read “Forever love”, but it’s not available.

  4. Superb song and video, really enjoyed this one… Happy weekend to you now…

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