Fly high

I didn’t have idea, what to post today. This quote can  seem an advice, how to be haughty, but for me it’s not exactly like this. It’s rather about working on talents and abilities, about finding own place in life, about self – knowledge, and self – acceptance. About being proud of who you are.


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  1. Hi Sabina
    I agree
    To me it means feeling good about yourself, self acceptance
    and being proud of who you are.
    All good things to be and feel!

    Lovely thoughts Sabina

    Gary xox

  2. Thank you Gary.

    I’m glad, that you agree with me, and that you like it 🙂


  3. I agree with you, Sabina.
    Excellent post!
    Deb xx

  4. I think we do let other people’s opinions of ourselves affect us more than we should.

    I really like that picture of the stork (?) and the way you can almost see through it.

  5. Binky has a good point, I know sometimes I have the same ailment . Allowing other people’s opinions to affect me more than necessary. Then I realize that it’s only a couple people and since when did a couple people define me as a whole?

    Nice Post!

    • I had the same problem in the past. I cared to much for people’s opinions. But it changed. I realised, that some people are telling bullshits just to make them selves feel better. I try to listen only to people, who I know very well, and I know, that they wish me well.

      Thank you Sue 🙂

  6. One must never let anyone take away the confidence…
    Always believe in oneself, keeping the positive energy
    flowing and fulfilling every dream that is possible…

    Nobody can take away that inner strength, it just grows
    with every day, lifting the possibilities and nurturing one’s
    desire to be better, to feel the true worth of oneself in the
    knowing that whatever one achieves is founded upon a
    true and genuine course…

    Everything is possible if one believes in
    oneself and no one can take that away can they?

    A very good posting Sabina 🙂 I hope that you are
    having a very good start to your week my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • If we know our value, nobody will pull us down. No matter how hard they try 🙂
      Yeah, that inner strenght grows every day. I feel it 🙂

      Thank you for nice and wise words Andro 🙂

      I’m somehow lazy last days. I should post more, and be more creative, but I think about sleeping almost all the time. hehe

      Have a great Tuesday Andro 🙂

      • Just post something as and when you like Sabina, I am sure that everyone will keep calling in and adding something whether you have posted a new one or not, it is okay to leave it a few days, I do that too and then I have a flurry of postings all at once 🙂 lol I hope that you are enjoying some very nice and comfortable sleeps my great friend 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • I don’t know what’s going on with me. Maybe it’s because days are shorter and shorter, and I need more light.
          I am similar to you. I’m not posting anything, and then for example 4 posts on one day.

          Yes, I was in the bed, and sleeping 🙂

          Have a wonderful day Andro 🙂

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