Happiness is a choice

And once again I’ll repeat, that we are responsible for our choices, and our life at all. We can blame nobody,  but our selves for wrong choices in life. No matter, what our past was, and how hard baggage of bad experience we have, we still have choice, we still can make our life better.

Everybody has inner power, but not everybody is able to see it. Faith can move the mountains. So start believing in your abilities of changing your life, and make it better.

Never give up, if things go wrong. Just fight more. Things, which come easy way are not as valuable as these ones, which come hard way.


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. Very true and inspiring words Sabina

    I hope you’re having a pretty good week x

  2. You speak truth to me again as always, Sabina. Your words are true and inspiring that which no one can deny.

    Have a beautiful day today,
    I choose to
    Deb xx

    • It’s easier to speak than to make 🙂 But I’m trying hard to live with agreement with my “wise” thoughts 🙂
      Sometimes I am too emotional, I act, and than I think, but I’m working on that. Sometimes I have moments of doubtness in sense of life, in my philosophy of life. Good for me, that it happens only time to time. That’s it’s not permanent state.

      Have a beautiful day Debbie 🙂

  3. What you say is very true, as always, Sabina. And as you say, it’s much easier to say it than to practice it. But if we constantly remind ourselves of these truths, we should eventually start to practice what we preach.

    • Thank you Binky 🙂
      We should try to practice it. For our own goodness.
      Nobody said, that life is easy. One from my the most favourite quotes is: “Life is not about to never fall, but to stand up after every failure”.

  4. I have come to understand Sabina there are never any Wrong choices in life.. just detours which take us along the road of learning… Some of us follow the map and stay upon the right track.. while others get a little lost …. But All roads lead us home..

    Happiness is a state of mind.. and I so agree its our choice to carry burdens which make us sad.. or we can lift our spirits to feel the lightness of happiness..
    Its our state of ‘Being’ in that moment of choice… And I know which moment I would choose every time..

    Great post..

  5. There are always lessons to be learnt Sabina,
    but how we choose to learn is through choices,
    sometimes we can get things right the first time
    but if we fail then all we can do is… to do better
    next time 🙂

    Be very well my great friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  6. ara gleh…nami nagd po…hehehe…dugangi pagd!!

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