Happy Halloween

For all of you, who celebrate…


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. How wickedly enchanting Sabina 🙂 I like this one a lot my great friend,
    I hope that you are getting all those tricks and treats ready, there is nothing
    quite like scaring all those trick or treaters half to death is there? 🙂 😉 lol

    Have a Funtastic, Jollyghoulish, Wicked Halloween weekend now Sabina 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I’m happy, that you like it 🙂
      Here tradition of Halloween isn’t so popular. I was growing up in different political system etc. 🙂 But I like all those tricks and treats 😉
      Kids like a lot Halloween. Because of sweets. Before yesterday some of them told me, that some priest told them ,that it’s against Christian tradition. I told them, that it’s just for fun, and there is nothing wrong in that.

      Have a fantastic Halloween weekend Andro 🙂

      • Yes well they like to be too stuffy don’t they Sabina? 🙂 lol
        Besides it is just for a bit of ghoulish fun, perhaps you should
        introduce misery britches to The Musters or Adams Family 🙂

        Have a wonderful rest of evening 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx

  2. Great Halloween image! 😮

  3. I am sooo not going near that castle! Maybe in daylight LOL 🙂 Happy Halloween!!!

  4. Yes, Happy Chocolate Day! I mean Halloween!

  5. I love the Halloween house, Sabina….Looks really spooky!
    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate…

    Hugs, xx

    • For me every occassion is good for chocolate 😉
      I like decorations from Pumpkins. In the past Halloween wasn’t popular in my country, but when I was a kid, we were making also heads from pumpkins with candles inside. They looked great in darkness 🙂
      Hugs xx

  6. Happy halloween to you too my friend
    Ian aka Emu

  7. happy halloween………

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