World in chaos


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  1. Very true indeed, we have lost touch with life, and nature, The two legged race has still much to learn from nature.. We push others as mankind strives to accumulate more material goods that give him power and control.. But at the end of the day, He can take but one thing with him as he passes back to that which he came, He takes only memories he creates.. This is a wonderful journey we are on, I wonder when mankind will learn to pack his suitcase with the things he can take with him upon his next most exquisite final journey. For he cannot take Gold, or Fancy Cars or Mansions, But only that which fills his heart. I know what I would sooner pack..

  2. A very poignant statetment my friend
    Thanks for sharing it
    Ian aka Emu

  3. Yes there is a lot of that
    happening around the world
    Sabina and what an extra
    special thought that you have
    shared with us all…

    If only peeps would be nicer
    then perhaps our world would
    be a happier and friendlier
    place in which to live 🙂

    Happy Halloween Sabina 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thank you a lot Andro 🙂 I’m really glad, that you like it 🙂

      People can be nicer. The problem is, that from some reasons they are not. I agree with opinion, that all changes we should start from our selves. I changed a lot, and I’m happier now 🙂

      Happy belated Halloween Andro 🙂

  4. Very Good. Thanks. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

  5. So true, and so sad. We often pay more attention to our things than to the people around us.

  6. A most profound statement; has anyone ever tried to figure out why this is? I have – no, I really don’t have anything better to do with my time these days – and my answer might even surprise you.

  7. Wow! So few words and it says so much! Thanks for sharing!

  8. true..

  9. Thank you for reblogging Mysterycoach:)

  10. Of course! :)) Morning Sabi 🙂

  11. Morning 🙂 I have guests today, that’s why I reply so late.

  12. No worries at all … Nice! you have guests! Unless you can’t wait for them to leave, then I take it back.

  13. I am a bit exhausted. Yesterday was one brother with kids, today second one.
    Here 1 November is a special day. Day of All Saints. We are going to graves of our relatives. Before we are decorating them with flowers, and we are lighting candles. or rather some kind of lampoons. When it’s dark, cementary is the brightest place here. Every year I’m going there at evenings when it’s already dark.

  14. Oh, I’ve never heard of that, so you have had two days full of relatives/brothers visiting then… you’ve been busy! That sounds nice, it’s to show respect for those who have passed, yes? I should google all saints day. 🙂

  15. Yes, I was. But I like guests. Time to time 😉

  16. Me too but I like when they go home as well and I can have my quiet time back. I must admit. 🙂

  17. So we are similar. I guess many people like guests, but when they don’t stay for long.

  18. We have our routines, things we like to do and company throws that off, it’s like moving in with someone, you have to adapt to one another’s habits, only in this case they’re going in a few days vs. a longer period.

  19. Maybe with age we value comfort more. And other people are just disturbing our habits.

  20. They are disturbing our habits. This is true. I don’t think we don’t want them around, I think we like our space. I’m sorry, I like my space. When I have friends over for dinner I love the company, the chatter etc., past my bed time, while I still enjoy their company, I start thinking about my comfy couch and relaxing quietly.

  21. I like my space too. I like also guests but only time to time and not for long. I don’t like also to be a guest for long. I sleep the best in my own bed 🙂

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