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Impossible can become possible

Impossible can become possible, just try it! 🙂

Hey ya – shake it, shake it, shake it!

It’s one from this songs, where lyrics is not so much important. Just feel it, and shake it! 🙂

Be who you are

Sweet names and positive energy

I have some proposition for you. Make the list of all sweet names, and words, which you were called ever. Add new words to this list all the time. When somebody calls you new sweet name, and when you’ll find some in your memory. Keep this list easy to find. And read it always, when somebody tries to bring you down.

Here is my list:



cute baby angel



the best friend

smiling girl

queen of kindness






pure hearted











the best in all universe (from kids with whom I work )



with great soft heart

with good sense of humour

loving life and people



with open mind






If somebody tries to bring you down, remember, that so many people, especially if they know you well and long time, couldn’t be wrong.

If somebody tries to bring you down, it means only, that you are above them.

If somebody hates you, it happens mostly from two reasons:

1. Because they can’t have you

2. Because they can’t be you.

They should remember, that “What goes arround, comes arround”.  With 10 times bigger power. So pray for them instead of letting them poisoning you with negative energy.

Smile, and be optimistic. If you fail, it’ll only mean that God has better idea for you. 🙂

Funny questions

Weekend is close, maybe that’s why I’m in so good mood. Besides sun is rising again 🙂

Memories of childhood

So true… hehe

Stay positive

It’s not my world or power of smile

It was my comment to another post, but I decided to post it here too.

Primordial people are fighting with hands, with physical abuse, because they are not smart enough to use brains. But there are also smart manipulators using emotional abuse. I don’t know, which kind of wounds is worse…

When I was 14 some  girl from my class attacked me with fury from jealousy of some boy. She was so full of aggression, that she was trying to beat me. When she set on me, I was laughing only like crazy trying to not get hurts. All that situation was utterly ridiculous for me. Soon boys from our class took her away.
By the way her kids are also full of aggression. She has always problems with them. Once I tried even to help her to open eyes, and see big problem growing in her family, but she didn’t listen… and soon she got much more problems with kids.

Till now I pity people, who can’t solve problems like normal people. When somebody is attacking me full of hate and aggression, he/she can’t scare me at all. The only feeling I have for such people is pity.

Once at university somebody tried to offend me. I only looked at that person saying nothing, and they went away. Later my friend told me, that my sight was so full of scorn, that it could kill.
Since long time I’m not using that weapon. I’m using power of smiles. :) When somebody tries to offend me, I’m asking nicely – “What’s your problem dear?” When they are able to see, that there is something wrong in their attitude we can talk. When they are keeping insults, I’m not wasting my time for them anymore.  I am ready to talk with them, but when they will grow up to wise discussion. On arguments, not insults. Once I went down to somebody’s level, but it will never repeat. I tasted how it’s to be them, and thank you, it’s not my world.

Some boy was bullying my younger brother at school. That boy was much much higher than him. My brother was peaceful person. Not fighting at all. He didn’t tell anything our parents or me. Some friend told me, what’s going on every day in the train, when we were going to school. My brother was 15, I was 18. Soon I caught that boy. I told him to leave my brother alone. 1st he was laughing, looking at me from hight, but then he stopped. He didn’t bully my bro anymore.

Aggression can’t scare me. As more madly somebody attacks me, as lower they are for me on the ladder of evolution. I wont fight with jelly – fish :)

I know, that scorn isn’t good feeling. That’s why I work over finding better ways of solving problems with aggressive people. But mostly it’s enough to not let them scare you. As long as you are not afraid of them, they have no power over you.


With time I learned, that sometimes going away is better, than fighting, and that it doesn’t mean weakness, but wisdom.

You are the star of your life – story