Kick all fears

Kick all fears out from your life! And then you’ll see, how beautiful life can be. You’ll wake up every morning with hope for the best, and you will fall asleep with thought – “it was a good day”.:)

I was afraid of driving car since many years, and I almost lost hope, that I’ll ever break it… but it happened. I bought a car, I sat inside with my brother beside me… and I was driving again. I liked it! Fear disappeared somewhere.

I kicked out another fear from my life. Like many others before 🙂


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. Yaaaeeeee~~!!!!!! YOU GO GURL!!!

  2. That is wonderful, Sabina! Victory!!

    F = False
    E = Evidence
    A = Appearing
    R = Real

    Have a most wonderful, beautiful day, my friend.
    Deb xx

  3. A fear faced is one more step to complete happiness Sabina.. Congratulations. . xPenx

  4. Hi Sabina, so good that you kicked your Fear and learnt to Drive.. We all hold onto too many Fears.. and forget to live.. Hugs to you xxx

  5. Yes always face your fears head on Sabina
    and the results are always very rewarding 🙂
    How long have you been driving? 🙂

    I was just wondering about that one…

    Have a lovely rest of weekend
    and don’t be too good either 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Not driving is some kind of diseaster novadays… Almost like being illiterate. I had to do something with that.
      Last time I tried to drive car 6 years ago. It was failure. And then I stopped trying. But I like this my new car. It’s just old Hyundai Accent, but driving it it’s very pleasant. It’s “friendly” car. 🙂

      Have a lovely rest of weekend too Andro 🙂 I’ll try to not be too good 😉

  6. Fear holds us back from many things dear friend
    I am glad you overcame your fear of driving
    Maybe we should all look for the fear in our life
    and try to overcome them one at a time
    Wishing you much love

    • Yes, you are right.
      I had fear of hight since many years. But I was working over it, when I was about 20, and it almost disappeared. That’s why I know, that even the biggest fears are possible to cure.

      Thank you for wonderful wishes 🙂 I wish you the same 🙂

  7. I mater my all fears by embracing them 🙂

      • spell mistake ( I Master my all fear by embraing them 🙂

        kicking them they bounce back ;p

        • Hm, we should try to find our inner power. Sometimes we are more brave, than we thought we are.

        • I’ve never fought this way 🙂
          Primordial people are fighting with hands, with physical abuse, because they are not smart enough to use brains. But there are also smart manipulators using emotional abuse. I don’t know, which kind of wounds is worse…

          When I was 14 some girl from my class attacked me with fury from jealousy of some boy. She was so full of aggression, that she was trying to beat me. When she set on me, I was laughing only like crazy trying to not get hurts. All that situation was utterly ridiculus for me. Soon boys from our class took her away.
          By the way her kids are also full of aggression. She has always problems with them. Once I tried even to help her to open eyes, and see big problem growing in her family, but she didn’t listen… and soon she got much more problems with kids.

          Till now I pity people, who can’t solve problems like normal people. When somebody is attacking me full of hate and aggression, he/she can’t scare me at all. The only feeling I have for such people is pity.

          Once at university somebody tried to offend me. I only looked at that person saying nothing, and they went away. Later my friend told me, that my sight was so full of scorn, that it could kill.
          Since long time I’m not using that weapon. I’m using power of smiles. 🙂 When somebody tries to offend me, I’m asking nicely – “What’s your problem dear?” When they are able to see, that there is something wrong in their attitude we can talk. When they are keeping insults, I’m not wasting my time for them anymore 🙂 I am ready to talk with them, but when they will grow up to wise discussion. On arguments, not insults. Once I went down to somebody’s level, but it will never repeat. I tasted how it’s to be them, and thank you, it’s not my world.

          Some boy was bullying my younger brother at school. That boy was much much higher than him. My bro was peaceful person. Not fighting at all. He didn’t tell anything our parents or me. Some friend told me, what’s going on every day in train, when we were going to school. My bro was 15, I was 18. Soon I caught that boy. I told him to leave my bro alone. 1st he was laughing, looking at me from hight, but then he stopped. He didn’t bully my bro anymore.

          Aggression can’t scare me. As more madly somebody attacks me, as lower they are for me on the ladder of evolution. I wont fight with jelly – fish 🙂

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