Love and hate

Some time ago my friend Mystery wrote about search engines on her blog. So I started paying attention on mine. I found there in the past: “sabi is evil”, “why did Sabina hurt me”,  “sabi nudity”, “i’m a cyber slut”, etc.  I had no doubt, that it’s some man rejected by me in the past, who hated me because of that. I can understand his hurt ego, but I can’t accept his attitude. I can’t accept all those fake accounts females and males, from which he’s insulting me,  and people dear to me.  He doesn’t want to see, that an obsession of spoiling my life is spoiling his own the most.

Last weeks something changed in search engines. I’m finding there: “i’m in love with you” (very often), “i love you more than anything”, “i love you  more, than the air i breath” etc. I like this change.

I knew, that only  big love could cause so big hate. But it doesn’t justify him. He knows very well, that I’m not evil at all. I’m only leaving people, with whom I don’t feel well. And I am not able to tolerate any kind of aggression. I don’t want to be with a man, who will want to kill me from jealousy or because of somebody’s plottering. I can’t tolerate also lying and cheating. If there is no honesty in relationship, there will be no love too.

My friends ask me ” Why do you  care for such people?”… because I don’t like hurting anybody. No matter how evil they are. Because I know, that mostly behind big evilness there is big unhappiness, behind big aggression – big pain. For example bullies are mostly kids unaccepted and unloved by their parents.  They bully  others, because they are bullied in their own home, where they should feel safe. But it doesn’t justify  them.
We have the power  to create our life, to make it better.  We have the power  to break mad circle of unhealthy relationships. At least we should try.

Love and peace.



About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. Amen sista 🙂 you go gurl ! Stinker heads messing with my friend… 🙂 LOL 🙂 You got the right mindset honey… no one needs to be mean in life and they are pretty wounded if they’re going around doing these things and we don’t have to play with them.

    Wish them well, send them on their way. And maybe one day… they’ll get better. I know for myself that those who have been bone headed in the past? I don’t hate them, I actually hate how they came to be that way. They do have a choice though, to be different, to be better and to learn how to love and be kind.

    Mwwwaaaa! 🙂 heh…

    • I got some quote: “Aggression is weak people imitation of strenght”. It’s so true.

      I wish them happiness. Real happiness. Not sick pleasure from hurting others.
      Maybe I’m naive, but I believe, that my horrible psycho bunny boiler will stop lying, cheating, plottering, and manipulating people. That they will close all those fake accounts, and will try to be honest. That they will free themselves from hate and negative emotions. Not for me, but for them selves.
      I gave them my hand in the past to make a peace, but they took it as my weakness, and attacked me more madly, so I stopped trying. But maybe finally they’ll understand, that they are hurting them selves the most, not me. That living in hate can’t bring happiness to anybody. Besides “what goes arround, comes arround”. I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes, when hate spreaded by them and all that negative energy will come back to them.

      Mwwwaaaaaaa! 😀

      • I just want to squish you silly 🙂 I agree with you completely. Not for us … for tHEMSELVES … they do themselves such a disservice and if they could see down in there to who they are … and be SO BRAVE as to let that person out… Wow… right? 🙂

        Yes Ma’me. i just had a discussion with someone about this very topic, I believe last week. And you know… karma is a bitch and one way or the other they’ll hopefully learn that they don’t have to be that way. I hope so anyway… Ya know? 🙂

        I gotta goooo!!! LOL I’m sooo late…!

  2. Don’t worry about those search engines Sabina,
    they seem to be filled with ridiculousness at the
    best of times so undoubtedly there will be a lot
    of negative searches that find their way through
    the Internets incredibly vast amount of space…

    There will always be those aggressive types of
    individuals, and then again there are those that
    offer a peacefulness, just ignore the negatives…

    Have a lovely time today
    and be very well Sabina 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Yes, they are ridiculous 🙂
      I’m enjoying company of peaceful people, and I’m avoiding aggressive ones. They can be even nice, but soon or later they are losing control and showing real nature, so better is to stay away from them.

      Thank you Andro 🙂
      Be very well too 🙂

  3. Andro is right Sabina, “Don’t worry about the search engines.” There are so many untruths out there of people…I just ignore bad stuff I read when it is about someone. You do the same.
    Love and Big Hugs,
    Deb xx

    • Yes, ignoring is the best solution. On the begining I was suprised, that people can be so full of hate. Then it was making me smiling.
      I don’t feel hurted or something. I rather wish those people to get real happiness in life. To stop virtual games, and start living real life and trying to make it better.
      As more happy people will live on this Earth, as better place it’ll be.

      Love nad big hugs back 🙂

  4. It’s unfortunate that some people see kindness as weakness or vulnerability. Ignoring them is best, unless they’re dangerous and then you might have to do more.

    • Yes, exactly. When you are kind, some people think, that they can easy hurt you. Bullies are chosing such kids to bully.
      How sick somebody has to be to enjoy hurting others? I will never understand such people Binky.

  5. You are a special and beautiful friend of mine
    May your heart keep smiling in love

  6. Hi Sabina, First I hope your Christmas was a beautiful one.. and second how wise you are.. Yes We care, and we see that behind all of that hidden anger and agression is a small child hurt and alone wishing to be loved .. It just takes a special kind of person which you are Sabina to see that you dont need to be connected to all of that hurting..And I hope too that they soon realise that fact also before all of that hating destroys them..
    Love and Light my wonderful friend.. I wish you a wonderful New Year and Bright Blessings your way xx

    • It was nice. But with snow it could be much better. I like snow at Christmas 🙂
      Thank you for your nice words. I’m repeating often “hate destroys haters the most”. It’s true. When in the past I let people to anger me, my health suffered. After I learned to free from negative emotions, I feel much better 🙂 It really works 🙂
      Love and light Sue.
      I wish you a wonderful New Year and all the brightest blessings 🙂

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