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Clean your mind

I’ve learnt to avoid negative emotions or them a while after they appear.  Inner peace is great state. It’s like being in perfect relationship. No any tentions, just peace. Faith, hope, love.

Keeping anger inside can’t help to solve any problem. It just takes off from us joy of life and ability of being happy. It destroys us from within. Don’t let anybody to live rent-free in your had.  Care for yourself. Everybody has right to be happy.


Looking back

I’m smiling 🙂 I like changes in me. And I admire people, who are working over them selves to be better people.

Choices, and consequences

Choose wisely!


Secret of happiness

Final analysis – by Mother Theresa

It’s never too late…

So no more excuses, ok? 🙂

Gift of love

It happened some time ago. I don’t know, why I thought about it right now. Maybe it’s “the proper time” to share that story.

Last eight years I was juror in court. Four years in criminal court, next four in family court. I didn’t apply for the next  cadence. I was tired from watching all those mischievous people hurting own kids. I couldn’t sleep at nights. But time to time there were cases, thanks which I was getting back my faith in goodness of human nature. The story will be about one of those cases.

There was the young couple. They decided to adopt some child. They went through all process, qualification, the course for candidates for substitute parents, and they took new-born child from the hospital, whose mother decided to leave her (it was the girl).  And finally they went to the court to become parents in law.

It was really pleasant to watch those young people happiness. Woman couldn’t have kids. Mean if she tried some treatment, she could have some own child, but her husband didn’t bother her with that idea. He loved her so much, that he cared for her more, than for having his own child.  He loved her since childhood. He said: “I knew since childhood, that she’ll be my wife. “

Judge had to ask, why they decided to adopt a child, and was it full  conscious decision? It was beautiful, what that young woman said: “When I was a child I decided, that if I have such possibility,  I’ll adopt some child. My friend was taken to the Orphans House. Children shouldn’t live in such places. “

When judge asked, what will happen, if they get their own child. They both said the same: “That little girl is our child. She will be always our first child.”

Judge, me, and second juror, we all had wet eyes. All that was so beautiful.

After judge announced, that they are full parents now, they were so happy. Such moments are worth living. Not every day we can watch so real and beautiful love.

“Compromises” or “be loyal with your self”

Thoughts are flowing in my mind. There is a big crowd there. I wish to express them better. Especially in English, which is not my native language.

I think about being honest with my self, what it means, and how much it can cost? I’m not living on a desert island, but in society.  It has its rules. But how many compromises I can make to be still ME? And how much I can fight for being me to not become an outsider.

I made a list of priorities in my mind. The list of values, which I can’t resignate from, no matter what. And list of things, who are less important. It can change with age, and with getting life experience. The matter is, how I feel, when I make compromises. If I don’t feel comfortable, but like betraying myself , it’ll mean, that I went to far in compromising.

Caring for self comfort in being you doesn’t mean an egoism, but rather self-respect. Being, who you are not to please others can’t make you happy. Everybody has right to be happy, so you too.

Make compromises for people dear to you, but when they are ready to do the same for you. Don’t sell your self for nothing. If somebody loves you, he will let you live in agreement with your own legend. If not, why to please them?

Tell people dear to you about your desires, dreams, needs. Sometimes, they just don’t know, what can make you happy. If you keep silence, they’ll think, that all is fine.  They laugh at what you say? Find somebody, who won’t. Simple! Don’t stay with somebody from fear of being lonely, because the worst kind of loneliness is that one in relationship.

Welcome to the Happy Zone

I was thinking about my blog last days. I mean, I’m thinking about it almost all the time, just last days more intensively.

I like helping people. I like feeling useful. I’m happy always, when I can make some sad person smiling, and starting thinking positively. And I appreciate people, who do the same for me.

When my great friend blogger, Sue Dreamwalker, called my blog “Happy Zone”, I was grinning like a mouse to the cheese. Because it meant, that I well done my job.

I wanted to make my blog a place, where people will find always something, what will cheer them up.  What’ll make them believing, that nothing happen without a reason, and even the worst can end good. That we are masters of our life, and we have the power of making it beautiful. That happiness is coming from inside, not out side. Never forget it!

Up and down – life

I’m still in melancholic mood.  Thinking too much about the past.  It’s bringing a bit of a pain, but also the smile of how far I went. It depends on us, how we are seeing things. Negative or positive way. I learnt from my own experience, that things, which seemed to be bad, undeserved punishment, a curse, taught me the most.  And they brought always something good at the end. They gave me some valuable profits.

Long time ago I read in personal horoscope, that I have some special ability of turning failures into successes. I like that my skill.  It’s very useful.