I’m sushi belover. It’s interesting, because usually I don’t like fish. I don’t know, why it occupies my mind right now. Probably because I mentioned going to restaurants in my previous post.

I like making meals by myself. I like experiments. Once I made salmon with vanilla cream cheese and green onion. hahaha. I’m laughing because it was by mistake. It was on some barbecue competition for journalists. I asked for cream cheese with neutral taste, but they brought to me vanilla one. I didn’t check, and then it was too late.  But it had for sure special taste. People ate it very fast. My team didn’t get good place, but fun was great. Especially that the only thing, which second member of my team could cook was water for tea, and I didn’t try barbecuing before. 🙂

With pickled ginger 🙂

Regarding sushi, it’s really strange, that I like it so much, although I don’t like fish, and I prefer rice “al dente”.  But fact is fact, that I love it 🙂 And I didn’t try to make it by myself. Maybe some day…



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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Sushi. I’m not a Sushi fan, but I do eat some other types of fish…Cooked.
    Have a wonderful day, Sabina!
    Hugs, Deb xx

  2. Congrats Sabina!!! You deserve the award…check out CEU she’s a brazilian artist…love her!!

  3. Nice to hear of your liking for sushi my friend
    I have tried it but cant develop a liking for it
    or rice either , think it has something to do
    with my army day diet in Vietnam in 1970
    Wishing you well
    Emu aka Ian

    • Oh, sorry to hear, that you have bad memories. It can be a reason, why you don’t like rise.
      My best friend also doesn’t like sushi, but her husband, son, and even her mother love it. So it depends.
      I wish you to forget that war, and to keep only good memories.

  4. I love Fish and laughed at your esperience with the vanilla.. I enjoy cooking also, making my own bread.. and pizza doughs.. I was never a great fan of eating pizza until i started to make my own dough and toppings now its my weekend treat .. I love goats cheese toppings with olives and garlic etc.. with basil and … oh.. see what you did Sabina, you made my mouth water and I just ate my lunch too. xx Hugs!..

    • Home made bread, and pizza are the best. 🙂 I like all ingredients, you use. It sounds really yummy 🙂
      Maybe if I didn’t confess honestly to jury, that vanila cheese was added by coincidence, we could get better place 😉

  5. I don’t believe that I have ever
    had any of that Sushi Sabina 🙂
    However I do like lots of varieties
    of fish, especially Mackeral 🙂

    I like Tuna also 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of evening 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  6. I’m not a big fish fan, though I like some. So I’ve never tried sushi. It’s probably a lot better than I imagine it to be.

  7. I’ve never tried sushi before, but it looks so good!
    I think the reason I’ve been waiting is I have never lived anywhere near an ocean, and it seems like I should be near one when I try it, doesn’t it? Maybe even in Japan! How exciting an adventure would that be?!

    • Yes, it would be interesting adventure. 🙂 But for now it’s enough to find some Japaneese restaurant. Even here it’s almost in every city. Or you can try to make it by yourself 🙂

  8. Next time take the rice and email me the fish ! 🙂

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