Daily Archives: February 19, 2012

Futile world of things

Two weeks ago I heard fire alarm in the middle of the night.  I thought: “It can’t be a fire, they are rather going to some car accident. ” I didn’t remember any house burnt close to me.  Sometime fire in forest, some other buildings burnt, but not houses… But I was wrong.  There was about -20 that night. And some family lost the roof over their heads. It was horrible. It made me think, how futile material world is. And how silly we are caring so much for things, which we can lose in one moment.

They got money, and help, and soon they’ll can live there again, so don’t worry.  But if you have roof over head, food in refrigerator, clothes to wear, and wood to your stove, be thankful for that, because there are people on the Earth, who don’t have it.  Great car, big tv, swimming pool behind the house are nice, but really so much important? Think about it.

I used this picture already, but it’s good moment to remind it.