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  1. I have had two goes at FB and both times I have closed them down , I find them boring , frustrating and full of mundane trivial gossip that has no meaning in real life , so now its wordpress for me only. Glad you are back and look forward to more of your writings

    • I have the same feelings for fb as you do. It’s really boring place. And I really don’t understand, why people care so much for what’s going there.

      I’ll try to add more my thoughts here. 🙂

  2. Facebook is like a nice place to visit but not over the long term. It’s not as stimulating as blogging really. Blogging at least you have some meat to the conversations. Which I appreciate much more.

  3. I don’t like FB at all…I too have tried a few time to make a go of it, and both times I ended up frustrated and disgusted with the place.
    It is so sad to think of people that have no real life, but a virtual one instead. Don’t they know if they can build a social life on the net that they can do it for real too…so much better!
    I know too there are those that are sick in the head as you described when they have several account being several people talking to themselves. You are right…they want attention, but that is no way to get attention.
    I certainly hope those that use FB as their only source to have a life see your post, Sabina!

    You have a wonderful day, scratch Max’s ears for me too.

    Hugs, xx

    • People with low self-esteeme can feel better on virtual. Here they can be, who they wish to be. I don’t blame them, that they want to be happy. As long as they don’t hurt others with their lies.

      I had female friend, who was spending all days and nights on virtual. I tried to convience her for changing that bad habit. But she didn’t listen. Finally, when she attacked me 3rd time because I dared to talk to some of “her” virtual boy or man, I broke contact with her.

      Debbie, some of those people know, what I think. But they think, that I only envy them popularity, and they don’t want to hear, that they are hurting themselves the most by living in world build from lies, and that better for them is to build valuable life in real.
      They see, and hear only, what can keep them in that illusion, not what make it pufff like soap bubble. Yeah, it’s very sad.

      I’ll try to write something more optimistic next time. 🙂 Especially, that thinking about those sad people is making me sad too.

      Max was upset since long time today, because it was raining, and I had to take an umbrella. I forgot, that it scares him from unknown reasons. Probably some bad memory.


  4. Hi Sabina, sorry for just catching up here.. My ‘real’ life got in the way LOL.. haha.. yes I do not have a FB account never have and do not ever intend too.. I have heard enough of it from those I work and used to work with and its a place they are always falling out on, ‘Bitching’ perhaps would be a better term to use and its full of negative energy as Gossiping about each other.. I have even known families fall out over what has been printed and posted ie pictures etc.. so I Agree with all you have put here Sabina….. I think the concept was fine as a place of reunion and meeting those who had lost touched with, but like you say some peoples lives seemed to be ruled by it..
    Forgive me not getting around all your posts but Ive had a very busy and tiring few days and PC time had had to be limited..
    Sending you a very Big Hug my friend and keep up the good work… of sending out all that positive energy.. Love ~Sue xx

    • You found right description of that evil place – “it’s full of negative energy”.

      It’s ok. I can’t also be everywhere in proper time. It’s good, that you are busy with what you like. I’m missing your presence here, but I understand you.

      Thank you for hug. I love them 🙂

      Big hug and lots of love back 🙂

  5. I have never been a member of FB it just isn’t my sort of place,
    indeed it used to be for chatting peeps up and dating, though I
    have heard recently that it has been re-vamped a little to stop
    those activities being so aggressive, I guess that peeps still do
    find partners there but who are they really? As you have said
    in this posting, they could be anyone masquerading as, well I
    suppose they can be whoever they like as virtual is often just
    that and nothing to do with reality.. In WP we can add similar
    I suppose but we can also be creative, offering photographs,
    paintings, poetry and stories, or just adding an every day type
    of journal, which I have friends here that do exactly that… Not
    my way of course as I like to remain as private as possible but
    it is a very nice opportunity to write, or show work on whatever
    we are creating and see some genuine feedback. Sometimes
    good friendships are forged and through our blogrolls we can
    view a variety of different Spaces all in one place. Facebook
    seems to be for chatting away and not for adding any decent
    content that others can enjoy, well unless it is gossiping that
    one takes pleasure from, and then FB would be the obvious
    choice… But certainly not for me my great friend Sabina 🙂 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of
    evening and be good too 🙂

    Sorry about the lengthy comment…

    Androgoth XXx

    • I like a lot your long coments, so please post more 😉 🙂

      Fb is exactly like that – place for gossiping, dirty games, chatting, silly flirts. I was there only for one person, but that reason has no meaning since very long time. Anyway, I’ve never felt good there. Maybe because of negative energy there.

      Have a lovely rest of evening Andro 🙂

  6. I have a FB account but don’t visit it often. I far prefer finding people’s blogs where you can get a nice sense of who they are and what they’re like. Comics, art, writing, and blogs like yours that are actually useful.

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