Faith, and positive energy

I believe in God, but my own way. I’m not going to churches, I’m not praying on the knees twice or more a day. I’m talking with God. And I’m trying to be good person. I don’t know, it’ll be enough to get heaven or no. But I believe, that being good person please God much more, than showing faith on public, and doing evil for others all the time. No matter reasons.

I learned to clean my mind and heart from negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I got back my health ruined before by stress. And stress won’t find a home anymore into me.

I got back my independence. My self-esteem, and self-respect. My faith and trust in God was in a big part an author of that success. And some great friends, who were with me, and gave me support, when some others left me from fear of society.

I’m thankful loyal friends. And I don’t blame those ones, who betrayed me. Both kinds thought me a lot about people. And that knowledge is precious.

I’m thankful God for all blessings, and for difficult times too, because they all made me, who I am now. I became stronger, and I didn’t lose my sensibility. I like me, who I am now. 🙂

We have to believe in something greater, than us, to keep hope. It doesn’t have to be God placed in any religion. It can be Universe, power of good energy & positive thinking, faith in human spirit created for goodness etc. Whatever good, and pure, what’s giving hope for better future for the world or individual.

I like Sue’s Dreamwalker’s ideas. So lets unit in positive thoughts, in spreading positive energy to make our world better. We can do it only together. If we change, the world will change too.


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special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. I love that post dear Sabina , such simplicity of belief yet so full of confidence in who you are , you , as many of us have learnt that the secret to contentment and happiness is to be who you are , let go off the stress and negativity ,smell the roses and be alive , life is for living and enjoying, anyone can exist in this world but few actually live in this world , there is a difference , stick with Sue Dreamwalkers way of thinking and beliefs and you will not go wrong
    Aussie Ian aka Aussie Emu

    • I went long way to this point 🙂 Through lots of pain. But as I wrote once, that if that pain was necessary to make me, who I am now, so I’m thankful God for that pain.
      Thank you for your wonderful thoughts,Ian 🙂

  2. I like you too Sabina 🙂 you are a good person too… You go on with your bad self! I don’t go to church either or any of that, I talk to the Universe and interestingly enough, when we’re open to it, we get answers. I like answers, even when I don’t want to hear them… because I haven’t realized something just yet. They’re always there… Answers I mean. 🙂 When we listen … Mmmwwwa!

  3. Wherever there is honesty and kindness in this world there is a hope of a healthier future for all mankind, one has to be optimistic, add the positive edges to one’s own existence and thrust energies of good intentions and obliterate evil in all of its forms.

    Constructive thinking and a will to rise above the many negatives of our planet gives rise to an encouraging force that can expand over time and become stronger. Collectively there is the opportunity to embark on a new and exciting journey into the realms of positivity and all we have to do to be a part of this voyage is to be there…

    A very nice posting Sabina, you have conquered and are here to add to our wonderful community, showing a friendly attitude and a real sense of friendship to all that visit your Space. Be well my great friend, oh yes and be good too 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts, Andro 🙂 You are great philosopher, you know? 🙂
      And thank you for nice words.

      Have a good day Andro 🙂

      • Hey I am nothing special I just say whatever I think is right my fine and wickedly great friend 🙂 Have a lovely rest of day and enjoy the sunshine, here it is a fine day for once 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  4. According to me, God is a Concept created by us to look for faith…You have written a very good thought here 🙂

  5. I think you have the right approach. It’s a lot more important to do good, than to go to church and only pretend you’re doing good. I don’t have anything against religion or the church, but they certainly can be used for the wrong things when people pervert their intentions.

  6. Hi Sabina, I drop in here to catch up and what do i see, My name in your post.. I am most grateful and flattered Sabina that you think my philosophy is a good way… For along while Sabina I believed in a GOD you know the one who sits up in heaven and judges.. But through my own searching I know now and understand GOD is inside of every one of us… He/she is the creative force of ALL living Matter.. the rocks the flora and fauna upon this planet. He/she is LOVE.. I do not worship in any building anymore.. although I attend the Spiritualist Services now and again and I am invited to give my own demonstrations and philosophy at various venues of Spiritualist ‘Church’s’ Centres ..
    You said you didn’t know if you would be good enough to get into Heaven or not? Let me tell you Sabina.. ALL who pass from this world enter the Kingdom of GOD/the Creator.. and heaven is a place we created so is Hell.. for Hell my dear Friend is down here.. within this realm of dense matter … We create our own resting place as we go to a place of like minds.. ( In my Fathers House is many Mansions) meaning many various levels we aspire to grow to.. You my dear Sabina have nothing to worry about. What we think we create.. and you are creating a wonderful place full of love and kindness, for that is what you are giving out.. ( What Goes around Comes Around ) ( Like Attracts Like ) … This is why the story on the cross is important.. And I am no bible basher.. those who know bitterness and hatred will be with like minded and so on.. For we are collective Consciousness.. We are All of us One. All striving to become the Whole once again.. There are never any Wrong Paths, just choices…… We each have been given FREE WILL.. and so we choose which path to take.. The Light or the Dark… The Balance is now OUT Of Balance and needs aligning .. One can not experience Light unless one does not have the Dark.. so both are equally important for our experience.. But its the Balance now which has gone haywire.. So we Need to pull it back and think with our minds of Love and Kindness and Give and Serve.. and Forgive and be more tolerant .. These are the things We have forgotten to do.. as we have let Greed take over our World.. and the Darkness overtake us.. Now as a collective people like you and I and others are promoting we live once again in the LIGHT.. And Sabina.. You are doing an excellent Job as a worker for the LIGHT.. a Lightworker.. Love and Blessings to you xx
    Sue xx

    • I agree with you, that the best place for God are hearts. And that God is love. And that we create our own heaven, and hell.
      Religion fanatics are blind, and duff for what God is. Trying to put one religion over another is like denying His existnce. God is love. He exists in loving hearts. So all people, who have love in their hearts are the same valuble, no matter religion.
      When I was 15 I’ve had lessons of religion, and etics with some very wise priest. When we were talking about other religions, one student said: “But our religion is better, than other”. He answered: “I don’t know, which religion is better. Only God know it. I chose this one, and I hope, that it was good choice”. He was tolerant, and with open mind. And 1st of all he was good person. There are not many priest like him. Lightworkers. Maybe that’s why people are living churches.

      Thank you for your wise thoughts, and nice words for me. 🙂
      You are giving me inspiration. 🙂

      Love, and blessigs,

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