It’s worth reading 🙂

“What I want to say is when you move ahead in life there will be two kinds of people; one who will appreciate you for what you do and another who will find flaws in what you do, remember one thing though- to cross the road no matter what others say or think of you!!!!”


What I am about to pen down might not be entirely correct…

Let us consider the crossing of a road similar to the life we live, the other side of the road is where we want to be with vehicles being the obstacles that lie in our path to the other side.

Imagine two scenarios

1)      Crossing one of the busiest roads

2)      Helping an old woman/blind man cross the road

[Let us assume that vehicles are coming from both the directions and there is no subway]

If we take the first scenario, say we just run to other side, it’s sure we will be hit by a vehicle!!! What next? A trip to a hospital or death…So we must see to it that we look in both the directions and make sure that no vehicles (obstacles) are coming towards us, also we must time the move to other side…

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  1. Hi Sabina, I left a comment for your friend Aneesh… and I was impressed with her Post.. and glad you reblogged for us to share.. xx Sue xx

  2. I like your fresh ideas Sabina
    so keep smiling and adding your
    lovely postings, as I know that
    everyone is enjoying your Space
    my great friend 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Bless your heart for being positive, hopeful and optimistic. The world needs people who exudes inspiration and motivation. Who celebrates life’s journey with joy regardless where the road leads them. I have fallen so many times, my body gets numb to it but like you, I chose positivity. I chose happiness. I chose I better day… Cheers to a brighter tomorrow!

    • Thank you IT 🙂
      My life wasn’t easy, and I have fallen also, but I learned to stand up and move on after every failure.
      I’m enjoying your blog full of warm love to your family. You are great inspiration to all of us 🙂

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