Happiness is a state of a mind, so we should look for it inside. Blaming others for our failures and looking for revenge leads to nowhere. I saw enough in life to know, that people, who are trying to hurt others land on the end as the most hurt. What goes around comes around. We can’t get love or anything good by spreading hate, anger, and negative energy. To get good, we have to be good.

I wasn’t always so full of peace. I had to go through big pain and suffering to get inner peace, and to smile no matter what life brings to me. Probably I had to experience the worst to become, who I am. To love myself, and to be proud of who I am, no matter, what others say.

I loved somebody pure love. There was nothing dirty in that feeling. Just pure love. I don’t know why somebody was so much obsessed with destroying that beautiful feeling… It shouldn’t bother anybody.

I suffered a lot, but I don’t hate my persecutors for lying, and manipulating people to they believe, that I’m somebody else, than I am, and to they hate me. I know, that they themselves wanted to believe, that I am evil, because if I was evil, it would justify all evil, what they did to me.

I have no any bad feeling to my persecutors.  I rather pity them, that they can’t find inner peace, and can’t be happy without hurting others. I wish them that with whole my heart.

To be happy in life, we have to change our attitude. Making others unhappy can’t bring anything good. It can’t make us really happy. All changes have to come within us.


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  1. Once we have true forgiveness in our hearts, and inner peace we no long feel pain from those that once hurt us.
    Have a beautiful day, my sweet friend!
    Hugs, xx

  2. I love the words INNER PEACE… 🙂 According to me… We will have pain, hatred sadness etc etc and still be able to find happiness and wish good for others, thats Inner peace 🙂 …

    And hey would love to here about your opinion about my article crossing the road ie if you got time 🙂 … thank you…

    Once again a very good writing 🙂

    • I love them too… but much more I like to feel it 🙂 I won’t feel hate ever, pain, and sadness will last only a while. It’s inner peace. 🙂 As long as you let others to cause bad feelings, and emotions in you as long you can’t get real inner peace.

      Ok, I’m going to your blog 🙂

  3. Every solution is better than nothing , but blaming is never a solution . Soon i’ll post an article about being gratefull for those who made me trouble entitled “ThanksGiving Day” , so follow my blogto stay tuned -_0

  4. I think it takes us to reach that bottom of a pit where hurt and wounds over take us with such pain we have felt each word cut like a knife.. .. It has taken me down that pit and up again to discover who I am.. And you too Sabina have needed in a way to go through this experience to become who you are..
    Our pain and our shadows and hurts make us become whom we are today.. I know I cannot hurt anymore than I have already been wounded emotionally.. I do not hold any grudges but thankfulness for it is sometimes our worse enemies who teach us the greatest of lessons and within those lessons we learn the deepest truths about ourselves..And would we but know it, those enemies are our greatest friends for they have helped us greatly along our own pathway of learning..
    And we emerge much brighter and better for that pain… Without that Pain, I wouldnt be as good at my job in supporting others through their own crisis.. For I can empathise with them and know how they can feel when they hit rock bottom..
    Love to you.. Sue

  5. It sounds like you have gone through a lot, Ms. B…
    which is very sad,
    but it also shows your great character… how you’ve managed to overcome these things and do so in such a positive fashion, too!
    Very inspiring!

    • Yes, I’ve experienced a lot, but I keep in my mind, that there are people, who experienced much much worse things, and still can smile. They are my inspiration.
      Thank you for your nice words 🙂

  6. A marvellous blog , I hope your heart feels no more pain
    I wish you much love and happiness and serenity
    Aussie Ian

  7. I have nothing to say, everyone else has expressed it much better than I would have 🙂 … Wonderful Post Sabi.

  8. It is hard to find true inner peace, but it’s something we should strive for.

  9. They say that you know that you loved deeply when your heart hurts like crazy. Love involves sacrifice, pain, struggles. It’s involves the both the rose flower and the ache of it’s thorns. Beautiful post that touches the heart. The last picture made me say, “wow, don’t we all want to Held like that?” have a lovely day.

  10. It’s as if I was meant to come here today and read this helpful and inspiring post of yours Sabina. I hear all in what you have written too.
    Although I sometimes find it hard to keep a clear objective mind about issues when it comes to certain people like family members. The guilt trip thing.
    Changing our own attitude is the key..I know
    Hugs Traceyxx

  11. I didn’t say, that it’s easy. Just worth trying. It took years for me to become, who I am now. It’s long process.
    Don’t give up, when things are not going the way, you wish them to go. Chose your path, and walk it. And don’t let anybody to take you off from your path. It’s your life, and only you know, what can make you happy. None else does.


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