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special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. Every bit of your words are so true. I felt like I was reading my own thoughts. And yes, we can’t blame others for what we have become. We were given a choice. Those choices we sometimes make wrong decisions. I know that I did.But one thing good though is that we will always have a chance to correct the wrong doings. To be happy , to be at peace, to follow our dreams for as long as we are alive. God bless you and your love ones. Beautiful post.

    • Thank you IT 🙂 It’s very optimistic, what you said. That we have always a chance to correct wrong doings. I hope so 🙂 At least we should try.
      God bless you, and your family.

  2. Love this one the best, Sabina! It’s packed with postive thoughts!…and logic of course.
    Hope you have a good afternoon, Sabina!

    Hugs ♥

  3. Interesting…….:)

    but not applicable on me lolzzzzzzzzzz

    Zahir 🙂

  4. Loved this one Sabina, Loved Number 5… Hugs to you… xxxx ~Sue

  5. Particularly number 1 was very appropriate to me dear Sabina
    They all are important rules in life
    Ian aka Emu

  6. I try to own them, though.

  7. Hey you keep finding these excellent quotes sabina
    and now that your flu is gone (I do hope that iy has? 🙂 )
    then the weekend should be full of fun and wickedness,
    maybe with a bit of chocolate and happy pancakes 🙂

    Wow I am hungry now I said that 😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  8. 4 ) If you think your life is based on reason , your life is destroyed . Chris McCandles

  9. These are great! I especially like #1 and #2

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