Beyond the Universe

Did you ever looked at stars, and thought, that maybe the Earth isn’t the only planet with intelligent being? I did. I want to believe, that we are not the only one in Universe, and that there are Spaces similar to ours. But I hope, that they care better for their world. And that they can live there in peace, and in respect for nature and for each other.

Orion Nebula, Rose Marie Raccioppi, The Hubble View, NASA.



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special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. I believe the same, and I’m almost sure that the only mess in Universe is right down here 😦
    Beautiful pics, Sabi! Andromeda is one of my old fav!

  2. hey Sabi how are you dear? i wana go up there in ur 1st pic 😦 love it. n yes we arent alone cz i m sure i have met some 😛

  3. The universe seems like a very big place, Ms. B…
    it seems possible there is some ‘other’ kind(s) of life out there…
    maybe bacterial-like… or plant-life… or… who knows?! Very interesting to think about!

  4. Oh I am certain that there is intelligent life out there.. So intelligent they came by, but didnt stop because they saw no intelligence here on this planet.. 🙂 .. Loved the Space photos Sabina xxx

  5. Well, one thing for sure…we are the fallen ones.

  6. It is a great mystery to ponder. There are so many stars and galaxies out there, there should be intelligent life, yet we don’t seem to have any concrete evidence of their exisitence. One can only hope that any life advanced enough to contact us or travel to our planet would be much more just and peaceful than we are.

  7. I too believe that somewhere out in the Universe a life form exist…and hopefully is taking care of their planet better….a lesson we all can learn from…..beautiful post. thanks.

  8. You ever see the video on crop circles? THAT is cool… my point is that they probably have been here… and yes, I hope they’re taking better care of their world, that’s for sure.

  9. I am positive that there is life on other planets,
    but for the now we can only wonder what that
    life will be, of course one day the realism will
    be for all to witness 🙂 Great posting Sabina 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  10. untill we would be able to travel in the whole universe , i have no doubt we’re not alone

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