Koko Euro spoko (post też po polsku)

I’m proud of Polish people, who are proud of our tradition.  And I’m ashamed  of those, who are ashamed of our wonderful roots. Whole the world admire our folk music.  Great artist were fascinted by it, e.g. Chopin. We have many reasons to be proud of our roots. It’s sad, that many Polish people don’t understand it.

Soon will start EURO 2012 in Poland. Championship of Europe in soccer. We could choose a song for our national team in public votation via sms. People chose “Koko Euro spoko” performed by folk band from small village on East of Poland. It was great! They won with popular artists, rock, pop, rap ones. People chose simple melody with simple lyrics, which everybody can sing.

Women from that band were so full of possitive energy, that only blind couldn’t notice that. But what happened then made me sad.  Critics on public, and many anonimus people on net, started attacking those great women calling them with the worst names to bring them down and take off from them joy of success. What a shame! But I’m proud, that many people cn enjoy success of women from band “Jarzębina” and their song full of possitive energy.  If  our national team in soccer has although a part of energy, which those women have, they’ll start winning. 🙂

I prefer “Koko” than official hymn Euro 2012 “Endless summer” by Oceana.

Jestem dumna z Polaków, którzy są dumni z naszej tradycji i kultury.  A wstydzę się tych, którzy wstydzą się naszych cudownych korzeni. Cały świat podziwia naszą muzykę ludową. Zachwycali się nią wielcy artyści np. Szopen.  Mamy wiele powodów do dumy. To smutne, że wielu Polaków tego nie rozumie.

Wkrótce rozpocznie się Euro 2012. Mistrzostwa  Europy w piłce nożnej. W publicznym smsowym głosowaniu mogliśmy wybrać piosenkę dla naszej reprezentacji.  Polacy wybrali “Koko Euro spoko” wykonane przez zespół ludowy z małej wsi na wschodzie Polski. To było wspaniałe! Zespół wygrał z gwiazdami rocka, popu i rapu.

Ludzie wybrali prostą melodię z prostymi słowami, którą każdy może zaśpiewać. Kobiety z  tego zespołu emanowały tak ogromną pozytywną energią, że tylko ślepy nie mógłby tego zauważyć.  Ale to co stało się potem bardzo mnie zasmuciło. Krytycy publicznie i anonimowi internauci zaczęli atakować te wspaniałe kobiety nie szczędząc wyzwisk, żeby tylko je upokorzyć i pozbawić radości z sukcesu. Co za wstyd! Ale jestem dumna, że wielu Polaków potrafi cieszyć się z sukcesu “Jarzębiny” i ich piosenki pełnej pozytywnej energii.   Gdyby nasza reprezentacja miała choć część energii tych kobiet, może w końcu zaczęłaby wygrywać . 🙂

Wolę “koko” bardziej niż oficjalny hymn  Euro 2012 “Endless summer” w wykonaniu Oceany.


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  1. We would all be better off to be proud of who we are and our roots.
    I enjoyed the videos.
    Hugs, xx

    • More people should understand value of tradition, history, culture, value of being original and unique, not parrot of others.

      • The trouble with many people (not all), usually younger people, it is they want to be from somewhere else, to be someone else, and to look like someone else. They don’t stop to look around, at themselves and within themselves to understand they have everything they could want.
        Hugs xx

        • You are right Debbie. They can’t appreciate, what they have. And they think, that they’ll be for ever young. When they’ll become old, they’ll be bitter and unhappy. The oldest woman from “Jarzębina” is 82. I’ll wonder if any from those, who now are calling those women with the worst names will ever have so much joy of life, not only in old age, but even now.

        • No matter where you go, what you see, there is always going to be some jerk that has something bad to say…it’s normal. Think of them as weeds…they get everywhere. But do not allow them to get to you. Just blow them off…they’re worthless like a weed.
          Love and Hugs xx

          • You are right Debbie. In the past I cared too much for such people. Then I understood, that they are just very unhappy people with low self-esteeme. I mean, they play hight self-esteeme, but in real they are full of complexes. I pity them.
            Love and hugs,

  2. In life there are always those critics but it is of no
    importance, when someone has something very nice
    to offer then it makes no difference what others say 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of weekend Sabina 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • I’m sad, because those nice women can feel bad after reading offending words in net. They don’t deserve that.

      Have a lovely rest of the weekend, Andro 🙂

      • They know that whatever is said about them
        is a load of rubbish and so the critics that added
        the vileness lose out because in reality they are
        just words, and not even true so who cares what
        some peeps say, it is like this Sabina…

        ‘Sticks And Stones Will Hurt My
        Bones, BUT Calling Names Won’t
        Hurt Me’

        The Critics just love upsetting peeps
        but they are just a boring bunch of losers…

        Have a lovely weekend and be good 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  3. A little pressie for you Sabina 🙂 😉


    I do hope that you are enjoying
    a nice and relaxing weekend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  4. to utwór Kilara -zespół Śląsk

    • To tylko jego opracowanie starej melodii ludowej, świetne moim zdaniem. Sam o tym wczoraj mówił w tv. Miał taką minę, jakby mu było wstyd, że wyszło na jaw, że sam tego nie napisał. Jak widzisz wielu ludzi cierpi na tej całej aferze o nic.
      /It’s only his version of some old folk melody, in my opinion great one. He told about that in tv yesterday. He looked like he was ashame, that it appeared publicly, that he didn’t compose it. As you see, many people suffer from that affair for nothing./

  5. I completely agree with you, Ms. B…
    it seems events like this only benefit from recognizing how history (good and bad) has made us who we are today. And even if some people weren’t happy with that particular choice it’s very upsetting they would attack the people who felt differently. It sounds like these women were only doing their best to make their country proud. That part is very sad.

    • Those women are really great. They love, what they do, and they are real in that. You can’t even imagine, how bad words some mischevious people called them. They have right not like it, but nobody has right to attack others with the most vulgar words bcos of that.

  6. Well these wonderful amazing women made the front page of The Arts section of Canada’s National newspaper the Globe and Mail. There are several beautiful color photos. They are a fabulous representation for your country and i am certain they have drawn much positive attention to your country! I love their song and would love to know more about each of these women.

  7. I guess it’s not so easy to not follow the herd when you’re young and just want to fit in and be liked. No need for malice though. I’m not a huge fan of the first video but the second seems totally irrelevant to Poland and her aspirations. Live and let live’s ok by me.

    • As long as they played “Koko” in tv and radio, our national team didn’t lose any match. But before match with Czech Republic they stopped playing hymn of national team, and it finished bad.

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