What you need

It’s, what I need. Somebody, who won’t criticise me, who won’t try to change me by force. I’m not perfect, but I’m me,  unique and special. If you can’t love me as I am, what kind of love it’ll be?


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. And don’t you settle for anything less, my friend.
    Lovely post, Sabina. More often than not someone seeks another to complete them, as if they were incomplete without them. If I can’t be accepted for who I am, then they are looking for someone else.

  2. We all need to be ourselves Sabina and why would
    anyone think that criticising their loved one is a fair
    way to share a relationship 😦

    No, that kind of attitude is just not good enough, one should
    always respect each other and love is given unconditionally 🙂

    It can never be his or her way, it has to be the best way that
    is important, regardless of who’s thought it happens to be 🙂 🙂

    Have a lovely start to your week Sabina 😉 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Some people like making their partners feel bad… to feel power over them. It’s not healthy.

      You are right, that love should be unconditional.

      Have a lovely start to your week Andro 🙂

  3. You are certainly accepted here in wordpress by all your friends
    who love you dearly as you are
    Aussie Emu aka Ian

  4. But you’d be a lot happier if you changed to fit someone else’s idea of what you should be. Or maybe not!

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