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Value of little things in life


Keep going

Never give up! Just keep going. 🙂

Something yummy – horiatiki

I became maniac of Greek salad – horiatiki. Like always original recipe is only basis for my own version.

I used:

–  1 small head of salad, I prefer “ice lettuce”, not “iced”,  but some  crisp one, which I teared for small parts,

–  1 big or 2 middle size tomatoes, cut on cubes – 1,5 – cm,

–  1 small cucumber ( I don’t like it, but if you do, you can take bigger) – I cut it along on two halfs, than sliced them,

–  little red onion, cut on two halfs and sliced

–  Greek feta cheese – 1 box / 200 grams, cut on cubes 1,5 cm

–  10 olives cut on half

In original recipe there is no lettuce, but 1 red or green pepper, and less feta.


–  3 spoons of good olive

– 1 or 2 spoons of vinegar

– black pepper (ground)

– a bit of salt (feta is salty, so be careful)

In original recipe are herbs, oregano or basil, and tooth of garlic.

It tastes the best made 15 minutes before eating.

Last time I didn’t add olives, and red onion and it was also delicious. 🙂

Good appetite! 🙂

Follow your heart

Have a good start to the week friends. 🙂

Lucky love


I love this picture. It’s amazing.

Have a great Sunday friends. Wish you all lucky love. 🙂

Keep moving

Changes within

All changes should start within us. We  can’t expect from others more, than we are giving.

I’ll be your Angel

Oh, yeah! Create a Heaven for me, and I’ll be your Angel for ever. 🙂

Inner peace

I chose it, not only because of words, but also because of this green frog. It looks awesome. 🙂

Enjoy life!

I think it’s good found for the weekend.

I like not only words but also colours. It was love at 1st sight. 🙂

I know, who’ll like it the most… MC?  Because of Tony Robbins. 🙂