New day – new chances

It’s good thought for the start of new week.



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  1. Hello I believe that”New day – new chances”, but why I have no chance? I work hard life

  2. Great saying for the start of the week my friend
    and for the rest of life too I think.
    Hope the pages in your book of life are filled always with love
    Aussie Ian

  3. I’m going to get one of those new days right.
    One of these days.

  4. Loved this one :)… why worry about tomo when its upto us to make it a beautiful one for ourselves 🙂

  5. This is a great way to start the week!
    Hugs xx

  6. Yes, every day has potential if we only use it.

  7. -wiesz ja mówię przeżyty dzień to szczęście,a nowy to dar…

  8. Good advice…just pick up where we left off and start again 🙂 Very nice graphic style Sabina.
    Sorry for late reply….I did not get round to visit you sooner.

    Thankyou for your visit hun..hope you are well
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Hugs Traceyxx

  9. That sounds good to me Sabina
    I hope you are not watching as much
    football as I am 😦 lol Well that is why
    I am missing so much lately 😦

    I am enjoying it though 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I was watching match Poland – Russia. I’m proud of my national team. They didn’t play so well since many many years 🙂

      • I think that the taking part is also important
        but winning does make it a lot more exciting 🙂
        England won last night against Sweden so
        I am enjoying the competition so far 🙂 🙂

        Have a lovely weekend Sabina and good
        luck with your team, and Poland are playing
        this evening too so get your pancakes, wine
        gums and toasted marshmellows ready 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx

        • I’m happy for you 🙂
          Yes, today is big day. I can’t imagine different score, than our victory. 🙂 We didn’t let Russia to win with us, so we have all chances to win with Czechs.
          Many people from my town went to Wroclaw to watch match there, and to give support to our national team 🙂

  10. Here’s to all our tomorrows.. 🙂 xx

  11. Love the positivity! Do you have any “power of positive thinking” stories you’d like to share on my blog? (Links and credit given, of course.) Let me know! You can also email me at mollie at

  12. Sabi,

    Mollie again! Would you ever like to have a guest post about how positivity and affirmations resulted in specific results? I’d love to share on your blog! Let me know …

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