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She inspires

Natalia Partyka, table tennis player, is sensation on Olympics in London. She failed in 3rd round singles, but she still has chance in group competitions.  She got twice Golden medal on Paraolympics in Athene and Beijing. She didn’t get till now medal on Olympics. Maybe now?

World media wrote: ” She inspires for making your life better.”  I agree.


Perfect moments

Dream big

Faith moves the mountains!  There will be always people, who will try to stop you. Don’t let them! They want to bring you down from fear, that if you go to hight, they won’t reach you anymore. But it’s their problem, not yours.  🙂

Every day is a chance

It’s weekend, so I don’t wanna bother anybody with too many words. Fewer words, but I hope that a lot of meaning.

Every new day is another chance to change your life. Try to not miss any. And never say, that it’s too late, that you are too old, too weak etc. Stop looking for excuses. The worst limits are those built in your head.


Have a lot of fun this weekend! 🙂


Own road

Last weeks were not easy for me, so I’m sorry for being late in commenting and liking.

Somebody very special to me is going through difficult days in life, and I feel so powerless. Sometimes all, what we can do is just being there for friend. It’s their road. And they have to walk it alone.

It’s good moment to remind, that our life is ours, and nobody else can live it for us.  We have power to change life, and create it.  All changes have to come within.

Life is a party

The best medicine

It’s the best medicine, And totally for free.

Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Simple rule

Is that really so simple? 🙂