Good start

I like also saying: “When you feel, that you are on the bottom, find some hard ground, and jump high.”  As long as we can breathe, life goes on. J.K. Rowling was poor single mother. She couldn’t buy too many toys for her child, so she started writing “stories” for her. And you know how it finished? “Harry Potter” has turned poor woman into one of the most famous people on the world. But at last he was a wizard. 😉

She had amazing talent. But everybody from us has some talent, something what we like to do.  And we don’t have to earn millions in short time. But it’s enough to start changing our life. There is nothing worse, that sitting,  and complaining about how bad is life, and doing nothing to change it.


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  1. Well, one this for sure, when you hit bottom there’s only one way to go unless one gives up all together.

  2. Very true. Look up to the stars!

  3. You are absolutely right Sabina,
    there is so much talent in this world,
    even on this WP where everyone
    offers their own brand of wickedness,
    and wickedness in the very good
    sense of the word, indeed through
    persistance and positivity we can all
    accomplish great things, it just takes
    time to be realised, but the journey
    is definitely worth all the effort 🙂

    Have a really nice day today Sabina 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  4. At least at the bottom you can sit down and draw a deep breath

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