Don’t give up!

Never give up. Especially when you went long way to be where you are now. Take small steps if you have to slow down, but keep moving forward.


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special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. Very true. A breakthrough may be only a few steps away. 🙂
    Have a great day, Sabina!
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi Sabina, No I will never give up, although at times I have much felt like it.. We have to keep on keeping on..
    Thank you for your visit Sabina, Its good to be feeling better and glad to be able to at last get back on my Pc to comment..
    Just had a bout of the flu which left me a little worn out and weary.. But on the mend again now..
    Take care of You and Love your new profile photo also.. Hugs Sue xxx

  3. Onwards and upwards Sabina
    that is the only direction we need
    to be travelling 🙂

    Have a very nice
    Thursday my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Yes, I know. I’m just sometimes too tired. 😉
      Have a nice Thursday Andro. 🙂

      • You need to relax and
        unwind of an evening 🙂
        Soft candlelight and a
        long hot bath perhaps? 🙂

        Don’t forget the wine and
        soft music though, oh and
        some strawberries too 🙂

        Andro XXx

        • Oh, hot bath can help 🙂 The same like candles, wine, and strawberries 🙂

          • Yes, in other words pamper yourself,
            always treat yourself to something very
            nice every week, and enjoy that time
            too, once your Knight in Shining Armour
            arrives he will be wanting all those treats
            for himself, and hopefully he will be making
            you very happy also 🙂 If he doesn’t I will
            send the Zombies round to teach him the
            error of his ways 😉 lol

            Have a sweet Thursday Sabi 🙂

            Andro XXx

          • It’s funny, that you mentioned Knight in Shining Armour right now 🙂 I still hope, that he exists. 🙂 I mean some for my own.
            Thank you for making me smiling 🙂

          • Of course he exists, you need to unlock your romantic side and dream of Prince Charming, he is around the next corner, or maybe at this very moment navigating your washing line, well he is definitely out there as we all have that very special person for us, I know that so keep being that lovely person that you are and enjoy life every day, your Knight will arrive and then… Well you will be having lots of fun 🙂 😉

            Andro XXx

          • Whenever I unlock my romantic side, I suffer… But I still believe, that my Prince charming is somewhere there looking exactly for me. 😉 🙂
            Thank you for all nice words Andro 🙂 I need that kind of fun 😉

          • Hey never worry about when this or that will happen, you have sooooooo much time yet to have all that fun, and I know very well that your Knight is out there, no rush and no worries, just you enjoy this time for yourself that is the main thing 🙂 Hey and be good too or I won’t share my strawberries with you 😉 lol

            Andro XXx

          • Thank you once again for encouragement. 🙂

            I love strawberries, so I’ll be good 😉 🙂

            I should go to sleep. It’s close to 1 a.m.
            Good night Andro 🙂

          • Good night Sabina
            and sweet dreams 🙂

            Andro XXx

          • You’re very welcome Sabi 🙂

            Andro XXx

  4. I didn’t know that your
    ancestor was King August III
    ans o you have royal blood 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  5. I need to follow this advice!

  6. Droga czasami jest ponad siły człowieka,czasami przegrywamy,bo prostu życie tak chce….

  7. i walk Slow , but Never walk BackWard . “honest” Abe

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