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Happy New Year!

new year


Sad story with happy end

It was one of the things, which came to me in the right moment. Some time ago I had a moment of doubt in life, which way to choose.  But after reading that article all became clear. Once again God sent me answer for my doubts.

Anna Golędzinowska was a famous Italian model, and tv presenter. She was working with Tina Turner, Leonardo di Caprio, Paris Hilton. Donatella Versace was her neighbour. Silvio Berlusconi’s nephew was her fiance. And she was killing herself every day. With drugs, and alcohol. As she said, all in her life was fake, hair, nails, mask from hard makeup on the face.

Anna Golędzinowska   /Splashnews

But one day publisher of her book convinced her for visiting monastery in Medjugorie… and she lives there since two years. She sold everything, and broke with old life to feed chicken, and to peel potatoes… and she finally feels happy in life.

She was born in Warsaw, Poland. Her father was an alcoholic. He died after falling from the stairs, when she was 10. Her mom started changing lovers one by one. On of them raped Anna. Mom didn’t believe her, so  Anna started escaping from home, taking drugs. She became a thief.

When she was 16, she went on casting for models. But instead of working as a model in Milan, she landed in some brothel. 9 years later, after escaping from that hell with help of some boy, she was the most important witness in process of that gang selling people. She used a moment of fame, and became a model. She was very rich, famous, but unhappy, although before she was dreaming about such glamorous life.

After coming to monastery she broke with his fiance, but he asked her for 2nd chance. He also changed his life.  He also understood, what really matters in life.

My doctor told me, that volunteers are the most happy people on the Earth. Maybe because they work not for money, but to feel useful.

Heaven it is not any place on the Earth or in the sky, we have to find it inside us. We can’t be happy copying somebody’s life. We have to find our own way to be happy. Our own place under the sun, where we will feel safe, and satisfied.

I am very thankful all people, who tried to help me to be happy. I am thankful them for showing me some ways. But I have to choose myself, which one is the best for me, which one will make me happy, and fulfilled in life.

P.S. I am glad, that I am writing again, that I am sharing again my thoughts, and my philosophy of life 🙂

Right people

right people1

Be with people, who are able to see your value, your talents, skills, abilities. People, who support you, and encourage you. Who can see beauty in you, thought you know, that you are imperfect. People, who consider you as somebody special, thought you consider yourself as somebody very ordinary. With people, who simply like you for who you are. And let go all the rest. The only people you need in your life are those, who need you in theirs.

Merry Christmas


Don’t wait


Don’t wait with changes “for tomorrow”, if you can’t be sure of any tomorrow. Do, what you like, visit places, you wish to see, realise your dreams. Love, and laugh. Just live! Like there was not any tomorrow to come. Be happy today, and every day 🙂

About trust


Trust anyway.

Walking alone

walking alone

Keep faith

trust in God

Be better


Be better, not bitter.

Good life

good life