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All is relative

Marcus Aurelius

It seems, that all we can do is to make opinions, and to trust, that we are right. Somebody said “As many people as many truths”.  There are very few people, who are able to objectivity. And even then there is  a chance, that they can be wrong.  There is no any universal truth. All is subjective.


The best teachers

best teachers

I absolutely agree. The best teachers give you freedom in choices, opinions, views.  They respect you as individual being, who has right to own choices, who has right to make mistakes, and to learn from them. Because only this way we can get experience, and to learn life. It’s not only about teachers, but also parents, good bosses, friends.


Those young people, 18-19 years old, won 5th Polish edition of “Must Be The Music” show. I love their song.  I hope, that you’ll like it too. I wish those boys to make great international career.

Take a risk

take risk


Doing nothing you will get nothing. You have to do step forward to see, what’s waiting there for you.  Don’t be afraid of risk.

Be brave!

walking alone


Lets go without fear! 🙂

Right direction

right direction in life


It’s never to late to be happy. Only doing, what w love can bring real happiness.


real friends3


It’s real friendship. True friends are people, who can see our imperfections, and love us anyway. Who got such friends can call themselves lucky. I’m lucky 🙂

Enjoy life!

life is roller..

Enjoy the ride! 🙂