The best teachers

best teachers

I absolutely agree. The best teachers give you freedom in choices, opinions, views.  They respect you as individual being, who has right to own choices, who has right to make mistakes, and to learn from them. Because only this way we can get experience, and to learn life. It’s not only about teachers, but also parents, good bosses, friends.


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special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. I agree too, Sabina, . point the way , and encourage … makes all the difference. xx

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    The best teachers..

  3. I agree with you Sabina 🙂
    Hey I hope that your Wednesday
    is filled with happy times 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  4. silverlining09

    The best teachers allow you to sail on new voyages to let you discover new visions. Thanks for posting!

  5. That’s very true, and I guess why good teachers are hard to find.

  6. It seems teachers and education has been on the minds of many these past few days. This is one of the best and most succinct statements I have seen on the subject.

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