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I fell in love with this picture 🙂



God closes doors....

Sometimes we have to lose to move on. Sometimes it’s really sad, painful or scary… but with time we realise that it was necessary. It doesn’t mean, that we should forget, what was good. Not at all.  We should remember, and appreciate it. We just have to move on keeping good memories.

My good doctor told me, that good people shouldn’t lose each other. I also believe it. And I believe, that they don’t lose each other, but stay in each other heart even living separately.

Have a good weekend 🙂

Follow your heart

follow heart


Steve Jobs knew, what he said. Follow your heart, and your own dreams. Nobody knows better, than you, what will make you truly happy.

Keep faith

things will work out


Think positive, and positive things will happen.

Simple religion

simple religion


It’s about real kindness coming from the dept of heart. Only then it works.