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Happiness is not about possessions. It’s our inner state. When we can appreciate, what we have, we are ready to be happy. No matter how hard our life is, there are always some blessings in it. When you feel depressed, and hopeless – count your blessings.

By the way – I chose this quote also because I like a picture 🙂




It just need some strenght, and determination to survive even in the most difficult circumstances. Just believe, that everything in life is possible, and impossible will happen 🙂



Be strong 🙂

Happy weekend

weekend - eat them

It was a private gift for my great friend Andro. But I liked it that much, that I decided to show it on public 🙂

Happy weekend 🙂

A mantra

I choose

Repeat it as often as you can. As I do 🙂

Be brave

Be brave

Good advice 🙂

You are creator

Dalai Lama

We have power to create our life. All is in our hands. Reality is reflection of our inner world, so make yourself better, and you’ll see the world arround you in lighter colours.