Happiness is not about possessions. It’s our inner state. When we can appreciate, what we have, we are ready to be happy. No matter how hard our life is, there are always some blessings in it. When you feel depressed, and hopeless – count your blessings.

By the way – I chose this quote also because I like a picture 🙂


About Sabina Brave

special & unique, one in a million ;) theraphist and writer passionate with human nature.

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  1. ’tis a lovely picture Sabina, one of those which says so much without words. Blessings are there, as you say, stop and think about what you have, and appreciate.. Wishing you a good weekend. , hugs to you xPenx

  2. Dear Sabina .. Happy on the Inside Always……….. Sending you a thought or three along the airwaves…. And hope you are having an enjoyable Summer…
    Have a good weekend Love and Blessings always Sue xox

  3. Appreciating what we have is something that most of us could do a lot more.

  4. What a very sweet posting my great friend, I am not getting updates but that is not a very good excuse, I should have called into your Space sooner so I apologise for that Sabina. I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful Friday evening and have some delightful times planned for the weekend also 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • It’s ok 🙂 I am not better 😉
      Here will be hot weather again. Next week almost 40, ehhh…

      • Wow that is too hot for me too, you need air
        conditioning or at least a couple or three slaves
        to fan you all evening, now that would be a
        real treat I think? 😉 🙂 Especially if you have some
        chocolate to eat while they are busy fanning 🙂

        I hope you feel better soon my sweet friend 🙂

        Andro xxxx

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