Monthly Archives: September 2013

Action matters


The truth is, that if we want to get anything valuable in life, we have to work hard. It’s not enought to wait or even to pray. God will help us, but if we try to help ourselves first. If I’m not determined enough to realise my dreams, I can blame only myself. Nobody else. But blaming myself also can not bring anything good. Better is to find out, what really matters in life, to make some plan, how to realise it, then to work hard, and never give up.


Right direction


Anything, that brings inner peace is good for us. So free yourself from any kind of negativity. Then you’ll be able to be really happy in life. I’m still far from perfection, but I’m going in right direction. Will you join me? 🙂 

Life is like a camera

life is a camera

It seems to be so easy… Lets try it 🙂

Be brave!


Exactly! Keep trying. And don’t give up ever just because you are not professional in this or that.

Have a wonderful weekend.