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Something for my friend Andro 🙂 And all dragons lovers.


Secret_garden_by_Ironshod  dragonkin_by_ironshod-d5lrzxu

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂



angels - Coelho

I also believe, that we are not alone. That there are angels, who watch over us. They take different shapes. Sometimes totally unexpected. It can be a stranger, who smiles to us, when we are down. A friend, who appears just to ask, ‘how are you’ exactly, when you need it. Something that stop us before crossing a road straight under a car. Today I miraculously avoided accident. It was dark, and raining. My car could be hit from front and back, but nothing happened.  Exactly I almost hit a car, who appeared suddenly, and I could be hit from back by another car. We all stopped not even touching each other. Maybe I exaggerate a bit, but I really experienced miracles in life, and protection, and care from some invisible power.

Dear you


Never lose hope 🙂