About Me

I like alot this picture of  mine

I studied psychology, and I work as sociotherapist (it’s some kind theraphy in group), but here I am as human, not as professionalist. My blog won’t be any kind of professional bla bla bla, but rather sharing my thoughts, feelings and life experience… with a bit of psychology😉

I have some principles in life. If you want to stay in my life for long, you have to be honest and sincere. I can’t tolerate lies and betrayal.

I have great intuition, and some knowledge about human psychic. That’s why I can see more, that other people.

I am me. Always the same. So take me as I am or watch me walking away. If you want me to change, change your self 1st.

I’m like a feather on the wind, difficult to catch. When you think, that you get me, you lose me. When you think, that you already know me, you realise, that you know nothing about me.

I’ll say, what I think, I’ll go, where I want to go, and I’ll do, what I wish to do. And I don’t need anybody’s permision to do so.
I have my own brain, and I’ll use it for my goodness. I appreciate care, and good advices, and I’ll always listen to them, but I’ll make decisions by myself, becouse it’s my life.

My day of birth says:
“Altruistic. Loves to enjoy life. Caring and loving. Faithful friend. Confident personality. Quite sensitive. Warm and considerate towards people.”
And it’s all about me.

My the most favorite quotations:

When you really want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. (Paolo Coelho “Alchemyst”)

What will not kill me, will make me stronger.

Every end is a new begining.

When the darkness is the deepest, new possibilities are borning.

World seems to be so beautiful, when we can find beauty in small things.

A letter from my friend, witten last night (12/13 June 2011).

“Ah, the sunbeam, I visited your blog.

I have read some stories. I’m just overfull of emotions.

Your writings are so sweetable, lovable .. is filled with so much kindness, sincerity and purity … so easily, so airy!

I can’t find words to express my boundless admiration.

These stories are about love, life, sadness .. the children … I read, reread, reread everything from beginning to end several times.

Your soul crystal and clear as a mountain stream. It’s all so touching, tender, so beautiful.

I for an hour plunge into the world of fairy tales, beauty and warmth. For me it was so good, so cozy in your world that I don’t wanted to go back to Earth. I thought that’s what I’ve always been looking for.

Thnx for the paradise that you gave me,today.

I have no words, but my soul could tell you all without words. Listen to it.

I’m a simple human, but I’d like to have the power of our Heavenly Father to change your life for the better … to give you an unearthly happiness which you so deserve.

Perhaps God hears, and I now beg his mercy and attention to your needs.

Take care of you.

Stay as you’re

Such moments are worth living…

  1. Thank you for calling by my Space today…

    It is always nice to see a real photograph on someone’s pages as it gives a much better impression, though I do know that some users prefer to remain somewhat anonymous, and one can still enjoy those Spaces and be friends in the same way as anyone with photographs, but I do prefer to see the real person other than a graphic or similar image but of course that is just my own preference…

    I think that you could add anything that you wish, whether it be the themes that you have already mentioned or indeed a few postings on Psychology as many passersby to your blog will be interested in all postings…

    Have a wonderful rest of evening now Sabina


  2. I agree with you. I also pefere to know real faces of bloggers. I can’t trust people, who are hidding faces. No metter reason. It’s always nice to know faces of people, with whom I’m talking, so I’m glad to know yours.

    Thank you for advices. I’ll try to improve my blog. I’m trying all the time to be better.

    Maybe it’s silly, but at study, and then at work I depended more on my intuition, than on knowledge from books. Maybe it was becouse of my lazyness, but I was always good in diagnosis, so maybe it justify me🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of evening and good night in advance.

  3. I don’t believe that is a silly thought my friend, after all we can often use our own instincts, our intuition and of course our logic to determine these studies, knowledge from learing is of course important but life experiences are not something that one can learn in a book, it is in the experience of life where our knowledge is realised…

    Do have a very nice evening Sabina


  4. And again I agree with you. Knowledge from books is important, but, as you said, there are other important things. Instinct, experience, logic. Instinct can save life, experience is guidepost for what to do in specific situation. Logic helps to recognise, what is true and what’s not.
    I have geat intuition. It’s a gift from God. In the past I didn’t listen to it very often, but with time I learned, that I should.
    My intuition told me, that you are some unique person, worth knowing. I’m glad, that I listen to it, and that I made 1st step toward meeting you.
    I went to the bed early. So now…
    Have a nice day friend🙂

  5. Hello, Sabrina
    Thank you for recently stopping in at my blog and commenting. You are welcome to visit any time you would like.
    I really liked you post of the rainbow gift from God…such a lovely blessing my dear.
    Stay well and peaceful.

    • Sabina:) But I’m used, that people are calling me Sabrina too.
      I dropped to your blog via Androgoth’s site. I like your works.
      You too stay well and peacfull

      • My bad, I didn’t even realize that there was not “r” in your name. At a glance it looks just like…well the name I addressed you with the first time…please excuse me, Sabina or Sabi.

        Have a wonderful day ahead of you.


        • It’s ok., no big deal🙂 But it’s very kind of you to say sorry😛 Sorry for kidding, I just want to make you smiling.
          You are always very welcome here.
          Have a wonderful day too.
          Sabi… or Sabina, both are good😉

  6. When I was a child, my best friend was a girl named Sabina…🙂
    I wish to thank you for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment on my poetry.
    You have a wonderful page over here, a bunch of nice poetry and pics, and very interesting posts ( letters to nowhere). I’ll be back to read more of your work
    It’s very nice to meet you Sabina.
    Wishing you a wonderful start of the week

    • Thank you for nice words Eclipse🙂
      I really liked your blog, its look and wonderful poetry there. All is so dilightful. It was pleasure to be there. As I said to your husband, I like watching happy people. They are lighting like stars some amazing light, and they are spreading possitive energy all arround.
      It’s very nice to meet you too Eclipse.
      Wish you a wonderful Monday and week ahead.

  7. Good evening Sabina I hope that you have
    had a lovely Monday🙂

    Thank you for your lovely thoughts on my Space Sabina,
    if you wish, then you can click your mouse on the ‘Follow’
    at the top of my Space and then you will receive all my
    updated Scripts and not miss any🙂

    It used to be called ‘Subscribe’ but they have updated
    WordPress somewhat and now it iscalled ‘Follow’

    Have a wonderful rest of evening now Sabina🙂

    Androgoth Xx

  8. i didn’t know that my Space was still on Private, I have just changed it back… I think maybe with all the changes WordPress are doing it went screwy😦 It is okay now though

    Androgoth Xx

  9. I hope that your Thursday was a most pleasant day
    and evening and now it is Friday and soon to be the
    weekend where I hope you have some happy times

    Your Space is looking very nice my friend Sabina🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • My Thursday was hot. I mean weather😉 Today is the same.
      I want to renew my kitchen. I’ll probably will paint it tomorrow.
      Thank you for liking my space.
      Have a great weekend my friend🙂

      • Did you decide on painting your kitchen or are you putting that treat off for another time?🙂 lol decorating can be relaxing but also a pain in the… Well you know?😉 lol Have a nice rest of evening now and I hope it’s nice and warm where you are, here it is positively windy, rainy and a tad cold too, yes even Vampires can get a bit chilly of an evening you know?🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

        • I bought everything for renewing my kitchen… but I was to lazy to start. Or I just didn’t have inspiration. Or I was affraid of this pain in the…😉

          Here was nice sunny day, and now is also not bad. Last night in Poland were horrible winds which were destroying houses, and big rains casing local floods… but far from my place.

          I hope, that Vampires will stay away from me. I like them but from safe distance😉

          Have a great evening Andro🙂

  10. I have just added some more Dragons, and changed the title of that extra page to Dragons and Mythology I know you are liking the Dragons and so i thought that I would add a few extra one’s, and I still haven’t found one that I can easily copy from yet but I am still looking🙂 lol

    Have a wicked rest of evening now Sabina🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  11. Hi Sabina
    You write about thoughts, feelings and life experience AND psychology!
    I love these subjects as well and look forward to reading some more about you
    and your thoughts and feelings

    I’m very pleased to meet you Sabina!

    Gary x

    • Thank you for nice words. I also liked your section “about me”. You seem to be very interesting person. I like your thoughs, and I admire your talent as photographer.

      Nice to meet you too Gary🙂

  12. I am just calling by to wish you a lovely evening and rest
    of weekend, it is my F1 Singapore this weekend too and
    so I will be enjoying that race tomorrow, it should be an
    excellent one🙂

    Have lots of wicked fun now Sabina🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thank you for calling by Andro🙂
      Enjoy the race🙂
      Have an excellent rest of evening, and great fun tomorrow Andro🙂

      • Thank you my lovely friend,
        I am sure that the race will be
        a wicked one… I just hope my
        favourite driver does well…

        Michael Schumacher

        Have a fangtastic day today🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • I am not big fan of F1, (it’s to noisy for me😉 ) but I know, who is Michael Schumacher. He is alive legend of F1🙂

          Once again I wish you a lot of joy, and victory of your favourite driver🙂

          Have a fantastic day Andro🙂

  13. I loved reading all the above about you Sabina.. your friend was right You are A SUNBEAM!.. Nice to see you and your most recent photos Sabina… and to learn a little more about you..
    Royal Blood in your veins …… you are a regal lady in her own right….. never change the “Me.”. of who you are… for you are a very special lady ..


  14. Hi Sabina.. I hope that Cold of yours is betting better..
    I have nominated your site for an award the Versatile Blogger Award.. so enjoy your posts

    Follow the link here at my site.
    Hugs to you.. Sue.

  15. I have nominated you for the award please have a look as given below; http://justsimplyinlove.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/the-liebster-blog-award/
    Thank you

  16. I hope that you are getting ready for
    a very wicked Christmas Sabina🙂😉


    Don’t be too good🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  17. I would like to Wish you Happy Christmas and wonderful years ahead🙂

  18. Thanks for the sub to my blog. I’ve looked at yours and find it to be very good. I’m really just surfing at the moment but find that any blog that has sincerity, psychology, Elvis and vulnerability must be right up my alley. I’ve enclosed a TED TV link to the Brene Brown video of vulnerability. I found it to be really good.

    Thanks. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

  19. Very nice introduction! I like this one the best: “I for an hour plunge into the world of fairy tales, beauty and warmth. For me it was so good, so cozy in your world that I don’t wanted to go back to Earth. I thought that’s what I’ve always been looking for”🙂

    Wow! Sometimes I felt I don’t want to go back to Earth and I just wanted to stay forever in the Dreamland!🙂

    Nice to see your blog, Sabina! Feel free to visit mine..🙂

    Subhan Zein

  20. Very Nice🙂 …. Have lots to read here :)…. Thank you for the visit and appreciation🙂

  21. I have been experimenting in my blog! From posting a short story to writing very short story then few poems… now thinking of writing an article… he he🙂. thinking whether its good or bad!

  22. I just thought that I would call in and see you,
    well metaphorically speaking of course, though
    I can see your photograph here so I guess that
    I was right after all🙂

    Have a lovely evening Sabina and of
    course a delightfully wicked Thursday
    also🙂 Don’t be tooooooooo good😉

    Androgoth XXx

  23. Hi Sabina, I love your blog. You area very talented lady. Have a lovely day.

  24. Just calling in to look at your pictures again,
    you should add some more of them when you
    get the chance🙂 I hope that your weekend
    has been a good one, here it has done nothing
    but rain all the time😦 lol Well at least it gave
    the car a good wash🙂🙂

    Have a nice rest of evening now Sabina🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  25. I think you are beautiful and always smiling🙂
    So neat to read about you Sabina..I just wonder now where you come from..

    Hugs Traceyxx

    • Thank you for nice words Tracey🙂
      I’m from Poland. I started this blog to improve my English. But also to share my thoughts, impressions, likes. Meeting interesting people is a profit from that🙂

  26. How very nice to “meet” you, Sabi! So glad I stumbled upon your blog – it’s given me some really lovely thoughts to bring away with me. Looking forward to reading more!🙂

  27. I have just added Andro 2012 on my extra pages
    so these pictures were taken in last couple of days🙂
    hey i think you need to be snapping away with the
    camera next Sabina🙂🙂

    Have a lovely evening, not much left of it I know
    but have a lovely Tuesday too my great friend🙂😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • I’m going there right now🙂
      Have a lovely Tuesday Andro🙂

      • I hope that your day has
        been a lovely one Sabina🙂🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • It was nice, thank you🙂 I hope, that yours too🙂

          • yes not too bad I guess,
            though I would have liked
            to have been lazing on a
            hot beach somewhere
            surrounded by lady slaves
            and… and then I woke up🙂

            Have a wonderful rest of evening🙂

            Androgoth XXx

          • Such dreams shouldn’t end🙂
            Have a wonderful rest of evening too🙂

          • Yes and I have a very good imagination too
            so my thoughts were sort of running away with
            me and you know, every one of those slaves
            were pampering me with my every wish🙂🙂

            Joking of course but a nice thought😉🙂 lol

            Androgoth XXx

          • I know, how great imagination you have🙂
            Ya, very nice thought🙂

          • Talking of imagination I should be adding a new post as lately I have been adding a lot of visual postings instead of writing something, I was thinking that maybe my Space can get a little bit too Horror orientated sometimes, and so a change of theme and pace was an after thought, which I hope has works for some of my friends🙂 I lost quite a number of friends on WP because they disliked the horror aspect but initially, the horror and ghoulishness was the basis for me opening this Space, so it can be a bit confusing as to what everyone likes🙂 Hey I am wittering now🙂 lol

            Androgoth XXx

          • It’s your Space, and you make rules.🙂

          • Yes you are right my wonderful
            and sweet friend, i think I will write
            something nonsensical next, we
            all need to have a laugh and some
            giggles along the way, and so I am
            going to add a jovial posting next🙂

            Have a very nice rest of
            evening and be good or else?😉🙂 lol

            Androgoth XXx

          • I’m waiting for this new post🙂
            Have a very nice evening Andro🙂

          • Hopefully I will get it on tonight
            but as you are an hour in front
            of me, then perhaps it will have
            to be viewed tomorrow🙂🙂

            Have a lovely Wednesday and
            maybe some chocolates too🙂
            Fraz adores his choc pancakes
            and actually I have some pancake
            mix in the cupboard just ready
            for a quick pancake or three🙂

            Androgoth XXx

          • I hope, that you enjoyed🙂

  28. I will have to hurry with my posting🙂 lol

    be good now, but
    never too good okay?😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  29. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have
    added a new posting Sabina🙂😉
    Have a very nice Wednesday and
    be good, or else?😉🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  30. Hi Sabina,

    I wanted to drop in and thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to exploring your works also!! Cheers!

  31. Sabinko nie mogę dodać komentarza ….miłej niedzieli😉

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  33. Hi Sabina….. I have the pleasure of awarding you the Illuminating Blogger Award created by
    You can find full details here on ..
    Thank you for inspiring me with all of your wonderful posts.. And I just love your new picture Sabina.. Love and Hugs Sue

  34. Hi Sabina, I have the pleasure of awarding you the Illuminating Blogger Award created by
    You can find full details here on ..
    Thank you for inspiring me with all of your wonderful posts.. Love your new picture of you Sabina.. Hugs Sue

  35. I think that my comment may have gone into the Spam bucket Sabina, as it had two links.. Hope you can retrieve ..
    I have the pleasure of awarding you the Illuminating Blogger Award created by
    You can find full details here on ..
    Thank you for inspiring me with all of your wonderful posts.. Love your New picture.. Hugs Sue

  36. I got e great pleasure visiting your blog! Thanks much for your useful, interesting and often amazing posts. Wish you the best in your future endeavours!
    Best regards, Arlen

  37. I like your inspirational bits, they give me hope. Here is something I wrote.

    If I had no birth, no mothers mirth
    would there be an empty space.
    Or would there be instead of me
    some other strangers face.

    By the way I think you look lovely.

  38. Hi! I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award again. If you’d like to accept you can find more information here:

  39. Hey I am just looking at your most recent photographs Sabina, and they are very nice my great friend🙂 I hope that you are okay as I have not seen you since your Halloween posting🙂 Have a very nice rest of Monday evening and remember, be good😉 lol

    Andro xxx

    • Thank you for nice words my great friend.🙂
      I wasn’t much active last days. I’ll try to visit yours, and other Spaces today.🙂
      Have a wonderful Wednesday Andro🙂

  40. all are web cam photo’s right?

  41. Pięknych ,radosnych świąt,magii—————-Tobie i rodzinie !!!!!

  42. Happy Thursday Sabina
    I hope that you are having
    a lovely day and not being
    too naughty😉🙂 lol

    Andro xxx

  43. These are all lovely photographs of you Sabina🙂

  44. Happy Valentine’s Day Sabina🙂😉 xxxx

  45. I am just calling in to bring you some of that chocolate cake you fancied, don’t worry it’s a really big piece because I know that I will want to share it🙂😉 lol Have a chocolate filled yummy rest of weekend Sabina🙂 xxxx

  46. I am just having another look at your
    photographs, and these are all lovely
    ones by the way🙂🙂

    Andro xxxx

  47. Sabina, sending you my love and know you are a sister whose heart reaches out with love to others and so It gives me great pleasure in giving you The Sister of the World Blogger Award Love and Blessings
    Love and Blessings Sue xxx

  48. Hey! You have very interesting blog and I like it very much! A lot of colorful photos and very clever articles! I’m glad to meet you in my blog too! If you like fashion or music, come! Good luck! And I hope to see you in my blog. -Vlad

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