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It’s for fun. Don’t take it to serious :)

Blondie’s diaries – how to make him mad about you.

With love is like with eating. He has to be hungry of you. Show him, how tasty dish you are, but don’t let him eat you to fast. Let his hunger grow bigger and bigger.

Show him vision of heaven, and keep him waiting for opening doors to it. Make him working to deserve it. 

Give him some small rewards, if he does, what you want. Show him your sadness of hurted you, and punish him with your ignoring, if he shows any attention to other women. And soon he will be your slave.

Men don’t appreciate women loving them unconditionally. They prefer icebergs on which they have to climb again and again.  It’s about hunter’s  primordial instinct.

There is some danger, that if you keep him to long in waiting, they will go to another. But it doesn’t happen so often. Men will always follow things, which they can’t get. No matter reason. And believe me, you don’t have to be attractive at all. It’s enough to make them think, that you are. 



blondie’s diaries – how to hunt richman?

Last time I promised to tell you where and how to hunt rich man.

You need to invest in your outlook. Stylish clothes, well done hairstyle, and make up, manicure, pedicure etc. Even if you don’t have much money, you have to invest alot in yourself. It’s good invested money, and profits can be really amazing. 

Be haughty princess. Don’t talk with boys. Look for rich man. But be careful, because some of them can be only “made” for looking rich. The same as you are;)

Go to exclusive places. For example galleries with boutiques for rich people. Buy there some cheap things, but ask for big and glam boxes and bags. If you don’t have enough money to buy things there, you can use bags taken from home. You can use them many times. But better is to buy something new. As I said, it’s great investment in your future.

Go slowly through gallery with head up. Sit in some cafe drinking coffee slowly. Expose your wonderful nails, and legs in stylish shoes. Remember to sit with grace. Smile gentle.

If somebody, who looks like a richman, talk to you, don’t grin.  Be nice, but haughty. Show, that you are not interested in hunting anybody.

If he offers you taking back home in his Jaguar, say, that you are not going into cars of strange men, but if he asks you for your mobile number, give it to him. After some thinking. Not to fast.

If he invites you to some restaurant, agree, but not too fast. Say, that you rely on his taste in chosing dishes. You will see, how generous is he. If he wants you to choose a dish, chose something from the middle. Not to expensive, to not scare him a bit , and not to cheap, to not be taken as poor, who learned to save every cent. Eat slowly, smiling gently. Don’t eat all, no matter, how tasty dish can be. But also don’t keep too much on the plate, to he can think, that you have problems with weight.

This time let him bring you back home in his exclusive car. Be nice, but still keep some distance.

Next time I’ll tell you, how to make him mad about you 🙂