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Hapy Halloween


Happy Halloween 😀


Happy weekend

weekend - eat them

It was a private gift for my great friend Andro. But I liked it that much, that I decided to show it on public 🙂

Happy weekend 🙂


best friends

Happy weekend!


Have a lot of fun this weekend! 🙂


I wanted to post it at weekend, but I somehow forgot. Smile friends, next weekend is coming. 🙂


Being a woman – funny

Why teenagers are rebelious – funny

Weekend is coming, and Easter, so I decided to post something less serious. I hope, that you like it.

Advice for men

So better is to be honest 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


I’m sushi belover. It’s interesting, because usually I don’t like fish. I don’t know, why it occupies my mind right now. Probably because I mentioned going to restaurants in my previous post.

I like making meals by myself. I like experiments. Once I made salmon with vanilla cream cheese and green onion. hahaha. I’m laughing because it was by mistake. It was on some barbecue competition for journalists. I asked for cream cheese with neutral taste, but they brought to me vanilla one. I didn’t check, and then it was too late.  But it had for sure special taste. People ate it very fast. My team didn’t get good place, but fun was great. Especially that the only thing, which second member of my team could cook was water for tea, and I didn’t try barbecuing before. 🙂

With pickled ginger 🙂

Regarding sushi, it’s really strange, that I like it so much, although I don’t like fish, and I prefer rice “al dente”.  But fact is fact, that I love it 🙂 And I didn’t try to make it by myself. Maybe some day…


No duty of being stylish

Another quote from “Book of Quote”. This one is funny. I didn’t think about cartoons this way.