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Pictures from my collection


Something for my friend Andro 🙂 And all dragons lovers.


Secret_garden_by_Ironshod  dragonkin_by_ironshod-d5lrzxu

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


Sunset – oil painting

Years ago I tried oil painting, but I chose very big size, and it made me tired, so I stopped trying.  But I like it. 🙂

12 hours in Berlin

beginning – Alexander Platz



Futuristic architecture

Museum of Instruments

Museum of Ancient Culture

Cathedra at night:

German Impressionists Museum

end – Brandenburger Tor

I made many kilometres by foot, from 2 p.m 25th August to 2 a.m. 26th. I liked the most Cathedra. In the middle of the night we could watch spectacle of light and sound outside it.

Berlin isn’t city of my dreams.  I didn’t like it in the day light, but at night it got special atmosphere. What’s the most important – I was really glad, that I was there.

Dragon on the sky

I took this photo 2 days ago while walking with my dog. This cloud and sunlight look like dragon with fire breath. I was really amazed by that view.

Jasmine lulaby

I love Jasmin since childhood. Close to my house there was some Jasmin bush with amazing aroma. I was happy, when father brought home that little bush… Alas it’s didn’t smell. After years it became big, and beautiful while blossoming, but I miss that sweet aroma all the time.  I don’t know, why I didn’t pick some new Jasmin bush…

My Jasmin. On the right white Peonias.

Lucky love


I love this picture. It’s amazing.

Have a great Sunday friends. Wish you all lucky love. 🙂

Sinful pleasures

Hey, what did you think about? I thought about strawberries with sugar and cream. Strawberries are healthy, but sugar and fat cream not much. Sins against health… but how pleasant.

By the way, why most of the pleasures are forbidden? It’s not fair 😉

Strawberries with leaves were only for decoration. I’m not eating leaves. Not these ones. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Spring in my garden

When I told Debbie, that 1st flower appeared on my rhododendrons, she said, that I should post some pictures. I don’t have good camera, so sorry for quality.

I bought these rhododendrons after blossoming, so I can see 1st time their colours. Second is light pink, and the smallest one is light violet. But I’ll be sure, when I’ll see flowers. 😉

Lilies of the valley. One of my the most favourite flowers.


Roses are my favourite flowers. I took these pictures last summer. There was so big frost last winter, that I thought, that I lost them, but most of them survived… but this summer they won’t be so beautiful.

I have some other flowers too, but I’ll take pictures, when they’ll start blossoming. I’m not good gardener, but I love flowers a lot. I hope, that you enjoyed their colours as I do always.

Beyond the Universe

Did you ever looked at stars, and thought, that maybe the Earth isn’t the only planet with intelligent being? I did. I want to believe, that we are not the only one in Universe, and that there are Spaces similar to ours. But I hope, that they care better for their world. And that they can live there in peace, and in respect for nature and for each other.

Orion Nebula, Rose Marie Raccioppi, The Hubble View, NASA.



I said a lot about inner peace in my blog. It reminds me some picture, which I like a lot. A man with a dove. Maybe because white dove is the symbol of peace.

This picture makes me smiling. I’ll keep a silence over reasons 😉